Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Review] Canmake Natural 01

Today's review will be on CANMAKE natural 01!

(so sorry for the late updates, my blogger can't upload photos at all!! >.< tried so many times last week before they could paste the photos on the post.. now i've got so many review photos and so little drafted posts.... urghhh.. have anyone experienced that before?)

Canmake is a brand that is very popular in japan (especially among teens) for its affordability and quality!

I still remember my first canmake purchase ; the stick concealor..
it blends so easily and doesn't cake through the day!
and it's cheaper as compared to many other brands!
 (actually i bought it cause it's well raved by popteen models that time haha)

 In short, i find that canmake is a fabulous makeup brand that is cheap!

so i've got to review their lashes during my lash month right?

i first saw this packaging last month while roaming in watsons looking for lashes that interest me.
and this two pairs series caught my eyes!
*bling bling*

 without flash

 with flash

From my previous lash review, i think most of you know my taste for lashes!
I absolutely love fluffly/natural looking lashes...

that could enlarge my eyes without making look fierce and intimidating!


my natural lashes are so pathetic i shan't be bothered commenting about them anymore

both eyes.

 they add volume in the front and eccentrate your eyes with long lashes at the back.

Love that with the mild criss cross design in the front, they look like lashes sprouting from your lash folliciles. 
great for people who have pathetic natural lashes and wish to look like they don't hahha

Comfort : ★★★★
Although the spine is not as soft as dollywink or diamond lash, it's still comfortable.
 length wise it's perfect for me, no pokey sides on the front and ends =D
comfortable all day long!

Design : ★★
Definitely one of my favourite! 
can i don't give this set away? *puppy eyes*
they blend in naturally without compromising on the length and volume.

 Nevertheless, i still feel that the length of the lashes should be shorter by a little to make this pair the most natural booking pair ever.

Price : ★★★☆☆
SGD$13.90 for two pairs of falsies!
good price for beautiful lashes.
however, i don't find them as durable as dollywink lashes.
Out of pure laziness, i placed them into boxes without pasting them on the original case...
the next day, the spine lost their shape.
soooo sad!
Neverthless, if you store them properly, you can use them up to 7-8 times!

learn how to store them properly here: Remove and store your falsies

Suitable for :
Natural looking, long eyes


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