Saturday, November 2, 2013

[Tutorial] How to remove and store your falsies + Giveaway

Requested by some readers, i'm going to share how i remove and store my falsies!!

it's very important to remove them gently so that the shape of the falsies remain!
Normally i can reuse my falsies up to 8-10 times!

For those designs that are of limited edition or not readily available in Singapore, i gave them extra care!

Treat all your lashes (fake and real lashes) with care !!

this is the recommended method in many japanese websites...

but i normally use the method below ! hehe

This method is also recommended for girls who love to coat their own lashes together with the falsies.
The makeup remover will remove your mascara and also soften the glue!
so no more pulling off your own lashes while removing them!

Remember to use water based make up remover as the oil based ones will risk making the lashes look greasy and dirty!

how i store my falsies!

 i put them back into their original packaging!!
it helps to keep the falsies in shape!

when i pack for a trip, i put them into my old pencil box...

 cut the packaging into smaller pieces and pack them together!
 For cheap china falsies or some falsies that i've lost their packaging, i place them into small boxes!

make sure that your boxes are thick enough so that they won't press down onto your falsies!

they are really useful!!
last time i used to group my favourite combination together and put them into my makeup bag.
just in case, i forgot to put on falsies etc

storing them properly is as important as removing them gently..


i'm going to giveaway one of my cutest eyelash case!

the packaging is super cute!
so princess-y!!

Brand new!!

To participate, just simply...

International Giveaway

Giveaway will end on 1st december.



PS: Tomorrow is the start of LASH MONTH!

expect more giveaways!!


  1. Oh wow! This was incredibly helpful because I end up ruining my lashes or making them really dirty.. Thank you so much for this! :D

  2. I used to just pull the falsies off.. ah shame on me.. thanks for this~ hehe

  3. Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the cute giveaway! :)


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