Sunday, November 3, 2013

[Tutorial] Lower Fake Eyelashes

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delayed post!!

Here's my tutorial to Lower eyelash!!
*throw ponfetti*
 Finally completed them!

To be honest, i find it really difficult compiling this tutorials!
There's very little information and tips out there (unlike upper eyelash) so i've got to rely on  my own experience to teach you girls!!

Sorry if it's not extensive enough!!
Maybe the future Lower Fake Eyelashes tutorial part 2 will be better! hehehe

But first, i would like to elaborate on the importance of lower eyelashes..

WHY girls would try sooo many times to put on lower fake eyelashes despite it being so difficult...

the primary reason is that...
it enlarges your eyes..
with increase width, your eyes look bigger and round!

Another reason is that....

different lower eyelashes create different feel!


This will help you to achieve the look you want better..
whether you want it cute, sexy or natural!


So, let's start the tutorial ...

How to:

*it's important that your glue is 1/3 dried as you might need to move the falsies*
(count to 10seconds!)


In the video, i pushed upwards to adjust the angle of my lashes..

However, that depends on how you would want your lashes to look..


Next, How to achieve natural looking falsies..
actually i considered my video as natural looking falsies too!

However, here's how to... More natural...

*need to borrow my sister's eyes for this as i've got no lower eyelashes!!*

This method is very natural and forgiving!
I'll definitely recommend partial lashes if you want to make your eyes look big but not too over!


Next is another problem i realised after fixing the lower eyelashes for my sister.
i realised that the lower falsies doesn't stick onto her eyes that well..
It might be because her eyes are too round and it doesn't fit well to the curvature of the falsies...

so in case, you feel the same as well..
try the below method!


Again, same as upper fake eyelashes ...
you can achieve different look with the same pair of lashes!!

*HURRAY to money saving methods heheh*

if you notice, i normally uses the LONG look

*trying to be mature looking*



Last but not least...

practice and experiment!

You might just find a new combination of methods that you will like!
[Tutorial for mascara coated like fake lower eyelashes : HERE ]

Feel free to ask me any question!
I'll try to answer them!


  1. OMG The last picture your lower lashes QAQ so damn cute. Give me QAQ

    1. ↖(^▽^)↗ thank you!!

      You can try it! Tutorial:

      And I'll be giving away the lashes from the above tutorial! Hope u can win them! Hehe

  2. love the way you do your make-up ^^

    also a quick question, any places you recommend to stay at when/if I go to Japan? ^^

    1. Shibuya hotels are great Cause It's of walking distance to harajuku and shopping districts!!

      if you're a little more budget, u can try business hotels at ginza chuo area ! Cheaper and quieter too!

      but u will need to transfer lines when u wanna travel to places Like shinjuku and akiba. A bit confusing but I'm used u will be able to get used to it soon!

      I usually stay in ginza area Cause I don't mind transferring heheh.

  3. I can't apply mascara at my lashes because it always turned out black black on my eyebag :( any mascara wont have the same problem ? I'm using Maybelline purple/yellow mascara . :( I've really darkcircle / thick eyebag , i'm using amazing concealer which cost me $40+ for one small tube but my darkcircle can't be cover also ! help pls !

    1. I've never tried maybelline purple yellow ones. But I'm using dollywink mascara and it works for me so far!

      K palette and 24hr are both good brands known for their smudge proof products, u can try them too!

      Mac studio fix are good concealor but might be a little dry for under eyes. I used kate undereyes concealor but the coverage is not as high as mac

  4. your tutorial is really helpful <:
    i am lucky and already have very long natural lower lashes hehe so usually mascara is enough :)
    when i was more into gyaru fashion a few years ago, i used the method with adding half lower fake lashes hehe <:

    i often saw that girls cut them in 3 pieces, but i think i am not good in this haha >< this would look messy on me with my bad skill haha
    and usually it doesn't look good with my own natural lashes anyway ><!

    1. Yes i realised! Super long >.<
      so envious!! you're like a doll!!

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