Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review : Rakuten SG + BIG giveaway!!

Hello everyone!!

Today i'll be doing review on RAKUTEN.SG and they have kindly sponsored some items for the giveaway!!

I couldn't express how excited I am about RAKUTEN sg when i've first heard about it.

Because in Japan, you can literally get everything from rakuten website!
I always booked my hotels through rakuten travels, always purchase cosmetics only available in japan through rakuten, always getting japan fashion clothes there too!! and also, one secret item i love getting from rakuten.. i'll reveal it later hehehehehe

And.... now they are available in SINGAPORE!!

First, let's see what I've gotten for myself before I start to spam the page with all the other items I want to purchase! haha


I'm a HUGE FAN of Jouetie so I'm really elated to receive a pair of JOUETIE loafer!
I wanted them soooo badly!!

Kawaii Desho~!!

I've been wearing them out for days....

they are so easy to match and not to mention super comfy!


It's of super high quality!!
 which is as expected of JAPAN hehehe

 hehe, with the extra height they gave.. i look taller too!!


they look so shinny and somehow... as delicious looking as chocolates! hahaha

a must-gets for me when using rakuten...

EYELASHES that are only available in JAPAN!!

Japan Model MoMo Eri produced eyelashes!

I've always followed her blog and always always amazed by the size of her eyes!!

plus i've never seen this lashes anywhere else!
SO i know i've got to have them *maniac mode*

The design is really special, first time seeing lash design with thicker stalks in the middle and one at the ends. I guess it's to achieve a rounder yet longer looking eyes, in another word, to maximize the size of your eyes. hahaha 

Like most japanese lashes, this pair is comfortable and feels like you're not wearing falsies.

However, i do find this pair too long and they also cast shadows..
as seen on the photo above...

But they still make your eyes look really bigger! ^u^

Though i don't like it's length, i think it's still a pretty pair of lashes!

Next, also FALSIES!!

but of another brand that is raved about in JAPAN!

Secret the CocoMagic produced by Kinoshita CoCo!

(ps: i find her name really cute)

Produced by popular model Coco, this brand is well received by many Japanese!
I saw many magazine using this pair of lashes for make up demonstration!

So i'm eager to try them on too!


I love it!!

it helps to create a rounder and fuller looking eyes!

Perfect length and it's super comfortable with its soft spine!

Definitely one of the lashes i would buy through online, it's that worthed it! hahah



This two pair of lashes that i've reviewed will be included in the giveaway!!

In addtion to that....

I've chosen  two pair of LIMITED edition D-UP X Mercury Duo lashes to be given out as well!!

I really envy the winner for this giveaway as i really want to try the Mercury Duo lashes, they look soooo pretty!

And for this giveaway, Mercury Duo LADY and DRESSY will be included in!

kawaii desho~!!

Yes, all four sets of lashes!

Follow these steps to stand a chance to win these lashes:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember, you have to sign up for an account via this link
(click here!)
and leave the email address that you've used to register on the form for verification purposes!


I would really recommend you all to register at Rakuten SG as they feature high quality merchandise from both Japanese and Singaporean merchants.


please allow me to show you some of the items that i'm preparing to fork out money for...

the super super super sweet snow crab legs >.<


and FUGU!!!
I totally didn't expect them to sell FUGU as it's not widely available in Japan too!!


With thrice weekly air-flown shipments of a wide variety of fresh fish, premium seafood and fresh fruits from Japan and other leading exporters, these fresh products will definitely satisfy your seafood cravings !!

This tomato diet supplement!

Tomato diet is BIG in Japan and many people swore by it!
I tried the tomato supplement once and although i didn't lose weight, i managed to keep my weight the same even when i feasted in japan!
Really want to get this one since i'm going to feast in Korea soon! hahaha


always wanted to try this... but i'm too shy to bring this to the cashier in japan...
hahaha.. now i can purchase this online and secretly use them at home to achieve smaller face!

Eye mask!
Super relaxing and will help to reduce water retention in eyes!

They also have...

Japanese fashion brands!

and last but not least...
remember i mentioned at the start of this blog post that there's a secret item i always love to buy from rakuten?


it is...


not only are they cuter...

their PUSH UP level is also superb!

Seriously, once you tried Japanese bra, you will fall in love with them!

However, please take note that the sizing is a little different from US sizes!
 you can check the size conversion here : http://www.85b.org/bra_conv.php




My readers will  receive a one-time $20 discount with a $80 minimum purchase with this discount  

code: KELLY20

That's a huge discount!!

EG: you can gather friends to buy 4 sets tomato supplement ($26 each) and it will be of the price of 3!!

So head on to 
Rakuten Singapore Home page to shop for all your Japanese needs!

to qualify for my giveaway! 



  1. Kelly chan kawaii~!!
    And OMG just love the shoes!!SO PRETTY♥
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi, can I know where to get that pretty pair of shoes? Can't find in rakuten sg:( thanks...::)

    1. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/stylife/item/992793/

      here you go! there's 50% off shipping fees now!

  3. Hi I visited rakuten for some purse. and as it is my first time using Rakuten, i think the purse are not new purse cos there's a grade B or C, and some description is quite poor English at the bottom of the page. Is it good to buy used purse from Rakuten? Have you any experience any? Thankss!


Weeee~ thanks for ur comments!


we love it and enjoy reading them!


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