Monday, December 30, 2013

[Travelogue] Korea Day 1 : First time having a haircut in Korea!

 Annyeong 안녕!

I'm currently in Korea!!


Omg, korea is full of super yummy food, super cute and affordable clothes!!

 on the way from incheon airport to seoul...

the tree looks like ginseng hahaha

Surprisingly Korea is not as cold as i feared it would be...

so despite it being late, we braved the night and went shopping at Enwa Women University!

they've got many food stalls on the street!

and they all look sooo nice!

 they even got GONGCHA!
i didn't know that haha

we went for dinner!

 somehow the kimchi in korea tastes saltier!
but still yummy!

 this is super super nice!
OMG.. and it's really cheap like $29 plus rice!

 pink dumplings!
super super satisfying meal, it's so delicious i start to worry about gaining tooo much weight haha

after that, we decided to go for a haircut in korea!
This salon looks posh so we decided to head inside to have our first korean haircut!

My hairstylist and new haircut!

I asked for korean hairstyle but requested for an above brows fringe.
not sure if that's korean-ish haha

she curled my hair too. it's really simple as compared to my usual japanese styles haha

Keith's haircut

He's smiling happily even though the skin cut is causing his ears to freeze hahaha

then we went to try this street food!

 there's fried chicken, mini harsh browns and rice cakes all mixed in sweet and spicy korean sauce

really very yummy!

i'll go fat for this hahah

and after that we went to have desserts!

A cafe for churros!

I love churros!

 freshly made churros

 with kawaii cafe decorations

star shaped light 
Pink coloured walls

Super cute cafe!
And korea has got a lot of kawaii cafes! 

hehehe selfie a little while waiting for the churros to be ready

 like my new hair? =D

 here! my lemon and cheese churro!

 with lemon yogurt smoothie!


today was so fun even though we only had a few hours to walk around korea before the shops close.

can't wait to start my day tomorrow!


here are my loots for today!

 Turtle neck white top - 5000won (~$6)
Red dress - 10000won (~$12)
black dress - 10000won (~$12)

 blue top - 10000won (~$12)
socks - 1000won each (~$1)

super cute and cheap!!

I think i will buy a lot of socks in my ten days trip hehehe

Jal ja 잘 자!!


  1. I've always wanted to try foods at street stalls, most of the times when I watch korean movie they looks so delicious, especially fish cake. haha.
    anyway, I'm reading this post at midnight and starting feel hungry because looking at the food pictures. lol.

    and omg, the outfits price in korea is so cheap! I might shop various thing there xD Your dresses are so cute anyway and I love your new haircut <3 <3

    1. yes they are really delicious and cheap!!
      you should try them if you're here!

      yess!! =D i shop at enwa woman university station, they said the clothes are cheaper there as compared to other areas.

  2. oh my god the food.. THE FOOD!! it looks so good leh

  3. hi kelly!

    I have a quick question, did you have any language barriers there? I am moving to Korea next month for a job so I'd like to know.

    Thank you

    1. yes i do have language barrier! =(
      they don't understand me at all but i guess some hand signs helps!
      some of the ahjummas understand mandarin and japanese =D

    2. oh wow...I am going to have to learn Korean while I am there then...haha...thank god some of them can speak Mandarin! That'll be helpful ^_^

  4. I went to Ehwa before too. it's really nice there, but i somehow prefer hongdae hehe
    your new hair is cute :)!!

    1. i been to hongdae the day before yesterday! it look quite upscale!
      is it more expensive?

      Thank you!

  5. Try Myeongdong (명동) too!! They have a huge Forever 21 there, and some of the street clothes are super cheap!! Ahh~~ i miss Korean street food!

    1. OKAY!
      thank you soo much!

      I'm going Myeongdong shopping soon! still got 8 days left to shop! heheh


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