Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[Ad] BlackBox X Christmas Early Bird Promotion!!

Blackbox x Christmas Early Bird Promotion!
The great countdown to Christmas and 2015 has started!  Time to plan those shopping and gatherings and paint the town red! Are you looking for quick fixes to look good and stay radiant and wow your friends / colleagues during the gathering?
With all these upcoming events, it is never too early to start preparing ourselves to look good and glamourous to fit into our little dresses and heels. So before all the gatherings start, give yourselves a little beauty treat to welcome the fabulous season – for this period only, 3 beauty brands have joined hands to extend their most successful giveaway ever, simply complete a simple survey to redeem an exclusive set of products + treatments!

These products and treatments are the best selling items of each brand, so remember to grab yours when you have the chance!
BottomSlim:   Nano X Fat Blast Gel & 3 BottomTrim Treatments (worth $928)
-          helps in lymphatic drainage for better circulation
-          Targets stubborn fat accumulated over long period of time (for e.g. – love handles, bulges form on thighs and tummy)
-          Sculpts lower body shape for a toner and shapelier body
-          Nano X Fat Blast Gel helps to firm skin and reduce visible cellulite
Tokyo Bust Express: Intensive Bust Enhancement & Firming Serum & 3 Bust Maximizer Treatments (worth $98 8)
-          helps in bust detoxification – lymphatic drainage for better circulation
-          stimulate mammary glands for a fuller and bigger bust
-          shapelier and rounder bust
-          firms bust
Asian Skin Solutions: Luxury Whitening Moisturizer & Customized Asian Skin Treatment (worth $217)

-          effectively tackles Asian skin problems
-          treatments is customized to individual needs
-          visible results in one session
-          visibly fairer and finer pores
-          luxury whitening moisturizer hydrates skin for dewy effect
-          oil controlling properties with moisture levels replenished

First 100 participants only!
That’s not all - Be the first 100 to redeem this exclusive Christmas deal and stand a chance to win a 2D1N Montigo Resort Stay!

How to redeem?
-          Simply participate in a short survey belowand be entitled to your gifts!
-          Promotion ends 31 dec 2014. Hurry!
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

[Review] Blackbox Super 10

Say hello to SUPER 10, with all the boxes priced at $10!

We just received some inside news to what Black Box is up to recently. Apparently, they

really have something up their sleeves. Some of you might have already noticed the little changes done to the bi-monthly boxes, so let’s wait and see. I smell something here and I can’t wait to find out what it is!
To something that’s more exciting for all of us today – Say hello to SUPER 10!

The Black Box team just put together 3 LIMITED EDITION boxes for the month of October, and what’s unique about these boxes are that they have a different superhero character that represents the personality of each box (I, for one could relate to one of the boxes). So which tickles your fancy?
Let’s take a look at my SUPER 10 box, I got Beauty Beast!

Beauty Beast: "Believe in your instincts and who you really are. To those who said that I can't do it, well, watch me."

1.       Klarity Lasetox CC Miracle White Lotion

Highly raved by popular tv show 女人我最大 and local bloggers, CC Miracle White Lotion comes in trial size for everyone in this month’s Blackbox! (you can try before deciding whether to buy the retail size)

I’ve relatively fair skin yet I’m always always always looking for more products/ways to look fairer so when the packaging said that it will brighten up my skin….. I’m SOLD~!! Hahaha

On first try, it’s neither sticky nor oily.
Love the light texture. However, you might need to layer it to for more coverage. I would recommend for natural dewy skin look.

2.       Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion
3.       Hada Labo Hydrating Face Wash

If you’re still watch TV, you would definitely see their commercial…

Hada Labo, one drop locks up an ocean.
And yes, Hada Labo is very hydrating! I’ve been using Hada Labo since my secondary schoo days (affordable and good for poor students like me~~) It’s able to lock up the moisture and make my skin feels fresh and hydrated throughout the day (yes in cold cold aircon classroom)

4.       Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub

Scrub Scrub Scrub~~

This facial scrub smells really nice! Hahaha really!! It’s those kind of fresh and clean smell that will make you feel relaxed and sleepy! Haha. If I could smear this on my pillow, I would… hahahaha

Okay, back to a more serious review…

Other than it having the type of smell that I love… Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub contains Apricot granules that gently scrub away your dead skin cells and impurities. Neem is well known for it’s purifying and anti-bacterial properties so this scrub not only exfoliates your skin but also purifying and prevent acnes!!

And yes.. This comes in retail size in this month’s black box.

5.       Men Expert Hydra Energetic X-Treme (moisturizer)
6.       L’oreal Paris Men Expertise Charcoal Black Scrub

To be honest, I didn’t try this pack. Haha
But it would be perfect for boyfriends or husbands…. You know how rarely male facial products come in travel sizes right…. And if Mr. boyfriend/husband couldn’t find a facial product in travel size, he would probably just end up using tap water to cleanse and “moisturize” his skin when overseas (yes, my bf is an example)
Even though I didn’t try them, I smelt them! Hahaha.
Smelt like cologne.=)

And I love the smell of cologne too haha.
Can imagine myself sniffing keith’s face after he cleanses his face. Hahahahahahahahahah

SUPER 10 Beauty Beast box, together with 2 other variants, Sapphire Wonder and Iron Amber, are available at Black Box Qoo10 store or E-Store at $10 each, until 9 November.

Because its SUPER 10, and like the name suggests, these boxes are priced at $10 each. Cant decide on which to buy? Why not get all 3, at a special price of $25!


Website: www.BlackBox.sg
Facebook: BlackBoxSG
Instagram: BlackBoxSG

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Braces Journey 01

Hello everyone!!

I guess most of you would have know by now...

and yep...

I've embarked on my journey to straighter teeth!

Super super happy choosing this path.

Even though initially i started this journey cause of some nasty comments online...


but i'm glad i followed their suggestions hahaha

I believe part of them really meant for my good... part of them are just purely nasty

Here are some photos of WHY I DON'T LIKE MY TEETH

Other than my horrendous double chin, i hate my teeth the most...
like protruding too much!!

I often get comments like...
i think you look nicer when you don't talk at all...

oh wells.... one of the reasons might be because I talk a lot of rubbish and i think that totally spoil my image...
the other reasons... i believe is my teeth

And even the artist in Korea managed to capture my UNIQUENESS
one tooth

I've decided...
i really don't want the candid photos of my wedding photo to look like these...
so i NEED to get my teeth done!

(and diet to get rid of my double chin of course)

My teeth
I always thought i've got overbite cause it looks like it in the photos...

but... after consulting different dentists, they concluded that i've got no overbite.. it's just that my lower row of teeth hides toooooo inside...


i wanted to do braces for overbite but end up correcting something different..
initially i wanted my lower row to stay as it is... but....
ends up, they are the ones that requires most help

i chose CERAMIC braces as i'm vain.

also, my lower row was too messy for invisalign plus they are really expensive!! >.<

Ceramic costs about $5500. I paid $2200 up front and the rest will be by installment (every visit $150)

I don't need to extract any tooth
which is a sad news to me cause i heard most people slimmed down their face a lot cause they plucked out teeth... 


put in spacers straight after consultation as i don't wanna wait any longer!

Worst timing everrr~~~
Cause on the following day, we went to bali to feast!

a week after my bali trip, i went back to the dentist to get my braces!!

 Bleeding after cleaning >.<
URGHHH i hate cleaning

and tada~~!!


and miracle happened...
one day after having them on....
my upper row straighten up!!

as compared to...

i didn't expect it to be soooo fast!!

and then i started to bear hope that i will be able to remove my braces within 6 months~

totally forgot that my bottom row is reallly really stubborn

totally no change in the first month hahaha

and currently, on my 4th month....

 The bottom row straightens up!

JIAYOU!! faster faster!!

upper row still super duper straight

and right now..
though i don't feel any changes to my face shape.
my side profile is less "overbite" cause my lower row comes out~

that's all for the my braces update!!
Next time i wanna put coloured ligatures hehehe

btw, in case you're wondering why sometimes my braces is white..
it's because i coated them white so they blend better!

coloured them white for the event! hehe
can't tell from here

Thursday, October 2, 2014

[Hair] Update on new hair color!

Hello hello!

Sorry for the lack of updates!!

Omg i've got so many to post..

but first..
let me update my new hair! just in case, i start posting other posts and you will be like.......

kidding kidding...

Yes yes!!

I've changed my hair colour to DARK DARK ASH!


although i do miss my light hair but i love rocking this dark ash too!



now that i look at my previous hair colour, it looks too ordinary ?

hahaha it's kinda weird that right now.. i see BLACK as something not so ordinary!
everyone is with coloured hair now! It's just as usual as seeing someone without circle lens! hahaha

 bye bye boring hair color~
 YEP! this time round....

I've tried a new color brand at Jerry's!

It's MUCOTA color series~~

Mucota is famous for their hair treatment and now that they are having color series, i'm sure a lot of girls would be thrilled!!

so... what's so different??

According to the brochure, they are less damaging and they give a shiny coat to your colored hair~

Damaged hair and healthy hair has got different polarity... The hair dye will be attached more to the healthy hair than to the damaged hair, thus ensuring that there will be even color on your hair. This also ensures that there will be less harm to your already damaged hair!

GENIUS sia~~~

What's more cool~~~~

it's that...

they've got A LOT OF COLOURS~


 For non-bleached hair.


ahem ahem....

*drum roll*




I want grey / lavendar~~~

but in the end, i decided to go for darker colour.

It's ashy dark grey!

However, I have to be really honest...
As my hair is really damaged, it took 2 application for the colour to be adsorbed into my hair..
(remember the damaged hair will absorb less coloring agent! And it's true!! My roots got the  beautiful exact colour that i want after one application!)

Thus, if you want to try mucota, i would recommend you to consult JERRY first...
He would assess your hair condition and recommend you the best solution to your hair!

Nevertheless, even though i need 2 applications......

my hair is still super smooth with mucota~

Doesn't feel as damaging as other hair dyes.

Super love that the ends are greyish in real life~

I think i will stick with this dark colored hair for quite some time!
it's dark but it's not boring!

It has got this ashy tone in it that makes it look special!

Ohh well...
i always trust my hair color to Jerry

especially when my hair is so damaged, I don't dare to leave it to others!
Had a few experiences with different salons (I think i deleted the post but if some of you might remember), either they didn't managed to get the colour i want or they just damaged my hair further...
like barbie doll hair that kind of elasticity...


Jerry is my number 1 go to guy for hair color..


If you're planning to go there:

Don't forget to...

 Quote "KellyKonomi" to get 15% discount off all hair services (excluding promotions).

Headlines Hairdressing
Address:       18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central
Contact:        6221 6866

Look for Jerry Chua!! (off on tuesdays)
PSPS : Next i'm planning to chop my hair to just around the ear length..
probably after my korea trip... cause korea is cold~~
need some hair to keep me warm hhahaa

Saturday, September 13, 2014

[Announcement] Appearing in MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON festival 2014

Hello guys!

How are you doing?

I've got an announcement to make!

yes, just like the title...

i'll be appearing in Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival 2014!

Together to with the super kawaii Eva and other foreign models that i've yet met.

It's held on 28th September at Tokyo Taiikukan!

And.. if you're travelling to Japan/foreigner residing in tokyo, you will get free entrance pass + food coupon !! woohooot~~~

Hope that you're travelling to Japan during that period~~ >.< 

Other than eva and me, there are other models as well!

So cute right!

Do you know any of them?

or are you one of them?

KYAAA~ Hope to make lotsa friends~~
you know i can't resist the companion of kawaii girls hahaha
(sounds so wrong)


Do spread the news!
The festival seems like lotsa fun!
So if you or your friends are travelling to tokyo during that period, don't miss the event!


Friday, September 5, 2014

[AD] Asian Skin Solutions

Hi everyone!!

Today I'll be doing a review on Asian Skin Solution's Skin treatment!
YEAH~! Working hard towards flawless skin!

So, my current skin concerns...
Well, they've been my ongoing skin concerns since a long while ago...
Except for acnes, i only started having them when i reached 20s. =(

According to my consultation at Asian Skin Solutions, it's said that Asians are sensitive, dehydrated and more prone to acnes!!



Which means, even if i want to put a lot of lotion and moisturisers on my face, i still have to worry about my sensitive skin issues all the time! 

But i'm glad to hear that Asian Skin Solutions (like the name suggests) targets all the troubles of asian skin! All their products are water based (great for sensitive skin) and provides ample hydration to the skin!

Asian Skin Solutions, specializes in Asian Skin, and targets common skin problems faced by Asians, such as acne, pigmentation and large pores.

 They can effectively solve any Asian skin problem for both males and females!

So, let's begin the consultation!

They uses high technology to measure different aspects of your skin!
Allowing you to understand your skin better and DEEPER (literally)

 Moisturise, elasticity and oil

(the recommended moisture level is 70 but i've only got 42!)

 Roughness and pores!
Yippeee~~ Mine is low! heehe


URGHH, not very good =(

not fantastic as well!

 Although LOW, i've already developed some fine wrinkles around my eyes!

Need to put more eye cream!!

After these series of tests, i'm super worried about how my skin will look in a few years time!

Fortunately, my specialist gave me many good advices to follow through for better skin!

Not only that, she also customised my facial treatments to cater to my needs!


Then after the consultation, we headed for our treatment session!

The treatment customized for me was the Repairing Collagen+ Skin Treatment which included all of these benefits:
·       Repair damaged skin cells due to prolonged sun exposure and improper skin care
·       Promote skin cell renewal, reduce visibility of scars and redness
·       Reduce signs of aging such as visible wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin texture
·       Aids in lightening pigmentation
·       Provide hydration to maintain skin moisture levels
·       Firmer and smoother skin texture

What is unique about Asian Skin Solution’s customized treatments is that all skin treatments are targeted to help in repairing of skin condition and not only fight against skin problem, but to promote healthy cell growth within for longer and lasting healthy skin!

Here are the treatment steps in detail:
1.    Double cleansing: remove makeup, dirt accumulated on skin surface
2.    Aqua-moisture mask with softening essence treatment: To soften hard-to-rid stubborn and clogged pores for better absorption of nutrients and deep-cleansing of pores.
3.    Gentle extraction (if needed, depends on skin condition)
It's really gentle! I had painful extraction before, those that will leave you tearing and fear for your next visit! However, this time round I can still comfortably chat with my beautician haha. 

4.    Collagen+ Essence Repairing Treatment with Repairing device: coupled with the use of the repairing device, collagen is penetrated deep into inner layers of skin to promote repair of damaged skin cells
It's so cooling and comfortable, you just feel like sleeping~

5.    Pressure point; Shoulder Massage Therapy
Gentle pressure point massage to relax your stiff shoulders and further drift you to lalaland.

6.    Soothing Eye Rejuvenation Treatment
7.    Collagen+ Double-Action Treatment Mask :  This treatment mask locks in 2 key components for your skin – Cucumber and collagen. Cucumber extracts helps to calm the redness and sensitive skin while providing hydration for the suppleness in the skin. Collagen aids in repairing damaged skin, helping to heal the acne faster, lighten scars and pigmentation, and not forgetting the anti-ageing properties to reduce visible fine lines!  
The mask is thick and moist (but not sticky) that you feel like all the mositure is absorbing into your skin! Also the cooling sensation of the cucumber mask helps to reduce reddness.

I emphasized that the Collagen + Essence repair treatment is super amazing!!
and this is why!!

 I did my LEFT side!
Can you tell all the difference i've noticed?

then i'll have smaller and more lifted face!

I love the results!!

My blackhead are cleared (No more strawberry nose!) and my skin feels moisturised even after long hours of bus ride sitting directly under the air conditioner!

Most importantly, skin feels so youthful and smooth!

 They also given me some skin products to use!

Pore Refining Lotion

The nemesis of enlarged pores, Asian Skin Solution’s pore refining lotion contains natural Vitamin B5 and Green Tea extracts to minimize and refine enlarged pores without traumatizing or stripping your skin of its moisture. This lotion is absorbed quickly by your skin and leaving a slight tinge of refreshing smell to let you feel invigorated! 

Light Texture Moisturiser

This lightweight moisturiser is so refreshing and finely textured it gets absorbed quickly into the skin for maximum hydration at all times! Specially formulated for dull and sensitive skin, add some natural radiance and vitality back to your skin!  
 And yes, they are water based as well!
It absorbs into the skin really fast!

I've been using them for a week!
No irritation nor new acnes! heheh

Improve your skin condition today – simply answer a question correctly to enjoy the new Collagen+ Skin Treatment + Eye Revival Treatment (worth $248) absolutely FREE!
All these only for the first 20 readers!

Embed form:

Oh! Did i forget to mention that they are the proud presenter of Star Awards 2014? ^u^

Don't be hesitant, try it to feel the difference yourself!


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