Sunday, January 26, 2014

[New Hair] Short and Soft Ombre

Hello everyone!!

I had a hair image change yesterday!!

now i'm with short hair and a new colour!!

I'm always contemplating whether to cut them or to grow them long.

but i figured that it would be more heartpain if i were to cut them when it's longer...

so might as well do it now! =D

I actually had my haircut in japan's salon though >.<

but i since i love jerry's colouring, i reserved the colouring part to Headlines hairdressing! hahaha

coloring never goes wrong with jerry.

My only request was to tone down the yellowish and add some ashy tones
OMG i really love ashy tones!

oh ya and light colours!!
even though it's not recommended since my hair is pretty damaged after multiple bleaching

 but i just wanna stay blonde for a little more.
before i let my hair rest with a darker tone~

To add some fun, we did soft ombre~
so my ends are lighter than the top!

sadly, my highlighted parts were bleached already so it's quite hard to cover them up.
and i didn't want to risk colouring my hair dark.

kinda worried how it would look like..

but i'm glad it turns out fine!! =D



first time i've been so short since secondary school!
but the thing is... now everybody said i look more like my sister =,=

adding a ribbon...

tucking my hair behind ears...

adding a huge clip hahaha

adding one on my fringe

kinda looks like hehehe


*self delusion~ i wanna be a prodigy who is as cute as uni~~*

In case you're wondering how to get to headlines hairdressing:

1. Go to chinatown (purple line) , exit F (which is at the downtown line)
2. Walk straight
3. Head to china Square central
4. Level 1 - headlines~

Quote "KellyKonomi" to get 15% discount off all hair services (excluding promotions).

Headlines Hairdressing
Address:       18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central
Contact:        6221 6866

Look for Jerry Chua!!
(off on tuesdays)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[Review] Brown Eyeliners : Avance, Canmake, Clio, Dollywink, Etude house, Heroine Make...

Hello everyone!!

I was browsing through popteen the other day (it had been a long time since i've last seen a gyaru magazine) and i realised that natural girl makeup is the new popteen gyaru trend!!

Natural looking eyes...
No heavy contours...
No bright and super pigmented colours...

Almost of the items used were BROWN! brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, brown fake eyelashes!

Other than brown fake eyelashes, I've got quite a number of brown eyeliners too!

I always collect brown eyeliners because even though they are all "brown" eyeliners..
they are sooo different from each other..

some are lighter, some are closer to black, some are more yellowish/reddish!

sometimes it's really hard to find the BROWN you need especially when there's no testers!

so here's some drugstore brown eyeliner you can buy from Singapore!

First, let's see the colours!

 with flash

no flash

*the long vertical line is BLACK for comparison*

Which one do you like it best?
Personally, I love no.4 as it is the lightest and it has got SHIMMERS!
it would suit the natural look yet making your eyes shine with the shimmers!

More suitable for super dreamy super light eye makeup!

But i would USE no.1, no.!!
Because they are dark (good for defining the eyes) but not too black!
You want your eyes to look dreamy but not BLANK.

Have you chosen which one is your favourite colour?

Here's the reference!

1. Avance Brown Eyeliner
2. Canmake Brown Eyeliner
3. Clio Kill Black - Brown
4. Clio Gelepresso - brown
5. Dollywink liquid eyeliner - brown
6. Dollywink Pencil eyeliner - brown
7. Etude house Versailles Princess - Brown
8. Heroine Make Gel liner - Brown

*carried out after waiting for 30 seconds!*

After I tried rubbing them off 5-6 times,  no.4 CLIO GelEpresso smudged and no.8 Heroine Make Gel liner smudged a little as well!

The rest did well!! *applause*


*I only rubbed on the middle and the rest were dried with tissue paper*

They all seems to be quite water proof!
No.6 Dollywink pencil liner scored the best as it stays on well even after rubbing while washing!

So... if it's going to rain, feel free to rub your eyes while you have dollywink pencil liner on. hahaha


No.2  Canmake brown eyeliner has got a thick liner so you won't be able to draw really thin lines with the tip.

Nevertheless, they look great for brown makeup and tight lining!

No.7 Etude house Versailles Brown eyeliner

Bottled eyeliner, it might be hard to use if you're a beginner.
However, if you like thick and dark eyeliner, it can achieve it easily!
*it's the darkest among all brown eyeliner!*

Regardless which brown eyeliner you use, brown eyeliner will make your usual makeup look less harsh!

There's also another use for brown eyeliner...
it's one of my makeup tricks to create bigger looking eyes! hahaha

Going to use more brown for spring as its season eyeshadow colour will be pink!
and pink X brown is super cute!

Do you have a brown eyeliner to recommend?


Sunday, January 12, 2014

[Travelogue] A day at the beautful Gyeongbokgung Palace


It's commander Keith and Kelly at Gyeongbokgung Palace!

so on the third day of our trip, we went down to Gyeongbokgung Palace.
And that place is HUGE! 

 We are lucky enough to arrive when the palace guards are changing shift!

They usually change shift every hour.

tourists would gather around to watch the grand ceremony.

The whole time i was watching.. the only question i had in mind was... " is their beard REAL?"
They look to ancient times to be real! but they look too real to be fake! hahah

Are they required to grow out the beard for this job? 
If so, wouldn't that be a little weird during your off days?

But i guess it's an honour to be a palace guard!! 

After the ceremony, we walked into the palace to admire the buildings and to imagine being one of the royalties. haha

Keith kept blocking my camera!

 Frozen river inside the palace

 the emperor seat 

 backyard with old snow and ice 

 Their library..
even their library has to be elegant! 

 More snow photos, sorry cause it never snows in Singapore =(

and while loitering around, we happened to see a group of palace guards practicing!

 AH HA!!
No beards on!! so it's FAKE! AH HA!

 They were rehearsing for some combat styles that wasn't displayed during the changing guards ceremony.
there's a man pretending to be emperor and they will change their formation to protect them from the assassins..

After that we went to try on traditional costumes!
i actually thought i would be able to try on hanbok but... it turns out to be...
a commander suit....

i looked so midget wearing the big outfit...
i doubt any soldier will obey me..

After that, we went out to take photo with the real palace guards!

hehehe i didn't take a lot of selfies... cause.. it's sooo cold!!
but keith helped me took some!

oh ya and also because the wind made my hair super messy!

He managed to take a few candid shots that i love!!
My boyfriend might have a hidden talent in photography!

Although my sister said they look very 90s kinda music video photos! hahaha

Love them anyway!!
Thanks dear dear!

We replenished our energy level after the long walk in Gyeongbokgung Palace at a random eatery nearby!

 Assorted Pancakes!
Super filling at just 22000 won!

 Spicy Chicken feet

This is by far the spiciest thing i've eaten in Korea!

 Tofu stew!

Korea, good food every corner

Will update again in another post!!



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