Sunday, January 26, 2014

[New Hair] Short and Soft Ombre

Hello everyone!!

I had a hair image change yesterday!!

now i'm with short hair and a new colour!!

I'm always contemplating whether to cut them or to grow them long.

but i figured that it would be more heartpain if i were to cut them when it's longer...

so might as well do it now! =D

I actually had my haircut in japan's salon though >.<

but i since i love jerry's colouring, i reserved the colouring part to Headlines hairdressing! hahaha

coloring never goes wrong with jerry.

My only request was to tone down the yellowish and add some ashy tones
OMG i really love ashy tones!

oh ya and light colours!!
even though it's not recommended since my hair is pretty damaged after multiple bleaching

 but i just wanna stay blonde for a little more.
before i let my hair rest with a darker tone~

To add some fun, we did soft ombre~
so my ends are lighter than the top!

sadly, my highlighted parts were bleached already so it's quite hard to cover them up.
and i didn't want to risk colouring my hair dark.

kinda worried how it would look like..

but i'm glad it turns out fine!! =D



first time i've been so short since secondary school!
but the thing is... now everybody said i look more like my sister =,=

adding a ribbon...

tucking my hair behind ears...

adding a huge clip hahaha

adding one on my fringe

kinda looks like hehehe


*self delusion~ i wanna be a prodigy who is as cute as uni~~*

In case you're wondering how to get to headlines hairdressing:

1. Go to chinatown (purple line) , exit F (which is at the downtown line)
2. Walk straight
3. Head to china Square central
4. Level 1 - headlines~

Quote "KellyKonomi" to get 15% discount off all hair services (excluding promotions).

Headlines Hairdressing
Address:       18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central
Contact:        6221 6866

Look for Jerry Chua!!
(off on tuesdays)



  1. Short hair really suits you.
    It looks cute in combination with the ribbon.

    1. Thank you! I might be keeping them short for a long while eheh

  2. the short hair looks so good on you! I could never pull off short hair when I had it. I'm jealous of how fantastic you look with it!
    And the ribbon makes it even cuter!

    The Girly Gamer

  3. Whats the brand name of that cat hair clip * o *) its sooooo cuteeeeeeee!!! btw you look adorable with that hairstyle omg


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