Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[Review] Dolly Wink No. 21 : Secret Girl *NEW*

Hello everyone!
I'm going to do a review on the latest lashes from DOLLY WINK!!

omg! it just keeps getting better!!

Together with Dollywink No.21, they have 3 more new lashes!!

The new lashes look super natural!
They all look like eyelash extension (which is in trend in Japan!)
I'll review on the other lashes soon!

But first, I'll review on No.21 Secret Girl since i'm crazy for lower lashes!

(taken from Dolly Wink Website)

Putting them on!
They look really fine and natural! 

They are perfect for the brown and natural looking eyemakeup!

I really love this pair!

Unless you stare really closely, you probably won't notice that i'm wearing fake lower eyelashes!
Yet, they add width to my eyes!

No.5 Real Nude used to be my NO.1 choice for natural looking makeup but...

No.21 Secret Girl just raised the bar!

Let's look at the comparison!

As you can see Dollywink No.21 has got more strands and they are noticeably finer (=natural looking)!

Astonishing right!!
I used to think that no other brand would be able to create a more natural looking lower eyelashes than Dollywink No.5! But i was wrong!! Tsubasa is and always will be a genius in making fake eyelashes! They just get keep getting better!

looking forward to her future releases !! *forever fan*


Wearing them on!

So if you like super natural looking, get no.21!
If you like natural looking yet super dolly looking, get no.5!
Both are great!
But right now, i like natural looking lower lashes better so No.21 for me!!

Will you buy them?

*PS: I heard from Dollywink SG that the new lashes are coming in soon!! OMG!*


  1. Hi Kelly:), may I know the brand of your contact lens? as the colour looks really nice!

    1. Hi Sarah, it's from a thailand brand DreamyColors!

  2. aah, i love those dolly wink eyelashes! it's so pretty..
    you're so very kawaiiiii omg❤❤❤

  3. Nice post! Enjoyed reading your blog! Followed! :)


  4. OH MI GOSH!!! I knew it !!! I knew the result are going to be perfect (as usual) Tsu-chan is sooo damn good at making false lashes! thanks so much for the comparison! If i have the budget i will definitely get them! <3

  5. Hoooo you look so cute! On the last picture you make me think avout Ayumi Seto ^^



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