Friday, January 3, 2014

[My Dorra Slimming Review Experience]

Hello everyone!
I'll back with a beauty treatment review!

I've just visited Dorra last week for a quick lower body slimming treatment!

yes, super quick treatment!

Can you imagine heading to the center for 20-30minutes and losing a few inches each time?

That's super convenient!


But first, allow me to introduce you to DORRA

Dorra, the tummy, hip and thigh slimming expert from France, specialises in providing fat-burning and body-shaping solutions that target and banish unsightly bumps and bulges on the lower body of women.

Lower body weight problems have been and will always be the main issue troubling most women. 
Women tend to put on inches on their lower body more easily than men because of the higher estrogen levels in their body and the fat cells there which are more prone to fat storage for childbearing purposes.
Besides, women burn fat differently from men. Women who have dieted will notice that as they lose weight, body fat starts melting away from the upper body first, while lower body fat tends to stay put. Furthermore, unhealthy habits such as long hours of sitting, love for high calorie food and sitting cross legged make it even more difficult for ladies to lose the excess fat on the lower body.  

dorra’s proven effective therapies work by targeting your trouble spots, breaking down stubborn fat and cellulite without bringing damage to your skin, muscle, bones and nerves. Specifically developed to treat lower body concerns such as love handles, bulging tummy, cellulite, heavy thighs, wide hips or post natal weight gain, our extensive range of anti-flab and anti-cellulite solutions can be customised to one’s specific needs, and can banish even the most stubborn fat that you’ve had for years.

Currently with 6 outlets in Singapore, dorra has helped more that 16,000 ladies to slim down quickly and effectively, bringing them an inch closer to the ideal figure they’ve always yearned for. dorra has been particularly well-received among working ladies and busy housewives because the first treatment only requires 90 minutes and it includes:

  • One-to-one consultation

This allows the consultant to achieve a preliminary understanding of your problem areas, eating habits, lifestyle and possible causes of your weight problem.

 Body Composition Analysis

With the help of a body composition analyzer, your consultant will be able to find out in just a couple of minutes, not only your weight but also your waist-hip ratio and the percentage of body fat, protein, water and salt in specific parts of your body. These will be carefully monitored throughout your slimming journey at dorra.

She not only explained the body composition analysis in details, they also pinpointed the reasons for my weight gain.

Eg, my inorganic salt concentration is higher than average, so they suggest that i should take less sodium or eat blander food.
My water level is higher than usual too. although i shouldn't reduce my daily water intake, i should however sweat more and increase circulation. Also the fats in my body will hold up water too, so if i reduce my fat contents, the water level will be lower!

They pinpointed the exact area you should work on more for your diet!
They gave many great suggestions, I'm going to follow them and aim for a slimmer looking body! 

After a detailed consultation, we headed to the treatment room! 

  • Customised Slimming Treatment Programme

Your consultant will then customise a slimming programme using the latest fat-burning and body-shaping technologies from France, to target the stubborn fats on your problem areas.

The treatment includes applying a booster gel that contains mico-molecules which can penetrate deep into your skin to reach and burn excess fats. Infra-red equipment will then be used to soften the fat cells and an oxy trimming gel will be applied to improve blood circulation which in turns aids in flushing out excess fatty acids.


I am too, someone with stubborn lower body excess fat!
I'm really thrilled to start my treatment with Dorra after the consultation.

 Two of the essences they used to promote lipase activity which in turns promote fats breakdown!
Also, the essense will increase the lipase for ~24hours!
So the fat breakdown process will continue through the day!

In just 1 session, you’ll burn 600-2400 calories, which is equivalent to a 10-15km run!

No pills, no injections, no crash diets! You’ll see visible CM loss in just 90 minutes!  

Subsequent treatments only require 20-40mins, saving precious minutes of your time.

Expect 14-30cm loss in just 14 days.

Managed to lose for each area!

All together -27cm!!


after the treatment, my consultant gave me a suggested diet plan!

  It's hard for me to follow though, cause they've got fruits inside =(

but the consultant gave me many alternatives to each meal! hehe

Are you interested?

Good news is...

There's a promotion for my readers!!

*exactly the same treatment i've did!!*

A COMPLIMENTARY Detailed Body Composition Analysis + 1 FREE Customised French Formulated Slimming Treatment (worth $300)

How to redeem the promotion:
Readers can call the Dorra hotline at +65 68818181 and quote your name to make their appointment to redeem the complimentary treatment

90minutes (treatment + consultation) for a few inches off your stubborn fatty areas!
It's really worthwhile! 



  1. woah this place is cool.
    definitely want to try something like this~~ :DD

  2. Izzit really like this? I saw many bad comments and reviews about them on some other forum.

  3. I went to Dorra slimming . After the weighing session, the consultant ask me to take off my shirt and shorts and take my photo in order to show me the difference. May I ask IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? (she said she only capture body but not the face…I did believe…NOW thinking back…dono whether its truth or not)…. NOW seriously worry about it. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..Can anyone pls reply me?

  4. I feel no difference after doing it ! =/ how to get refunded?

  5. I am about to lodge complaint with consumer tribunal for claiming refund. 8 treatments, no result at all and poor service.

  6. I am about to lodge complaint with consumer tribunal for claiming refund. 8 treatments, no result at all and poor service.

  7. Hey, helps, i m want do refund, how to do ?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. All the staffs at Dorra are so rude and making only sarcastic remarks. I was so shocked when they m even dare to check my purse to make sure I have right credit card to pay them !!

  10. I experience the same thing. They say to open my bag and give my credit card to them. Soooooo rude!!!

  11. DO NOT BELIEVE DORRA SLIMMING!!! PLEASE DO NOT BE ANOTHER VICTIM. THEY ARE NOT EFFECTIVE AND THE CONSULTANTS ARE VERY PUSSSSHHHHY. I am already naked doing the treatment, and they keep on pushing to sell their product.

  12. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work... diett

  13. They choose my payment mode pushhy...I wanna use nets they say use master I want a refund too!!

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