Sunday, January 12, 2014

[Travelogue] A day at the beautful Gyeongbokgung Palace


It's commander Keith and Kelly at Gyeongbokgung Palace!

so on the third day of our trip, we went down to Gyeongbokgung Palace.
And that place is HUGE! 

 We are lucky enough to arrive when the palace guards are changing shift!

They usually change shift every hour.

tourists would gather around to watch the grand ceremony.

The whole time i was watching.. the only question i had in mind was... " is their beard REAL?"
They look to ancient times to be real! but they look too real to be fake! hahah

Are they required to grow out the beard for this job? 
If so, wouldn't that be a little weird during your off days?

But i guess it's an honour to be a palace guard!! 

After the ceremony, we walked into the palace to admire the buildings and to imagine being one of the royalties. haha

Keith kept blocking my camera!

 Frozen river inside the palace

 the emperor seat 

 backyard with old snow and ice 

 Their library..
even their library has to be elegant! 

 More snow photos, sorry cause it never snows in Singapore =(

and while loitering around, we happened to see a group of palace guards practicing!

 AH HA!!
No beards on!! so it's FAKE! AH HA!

 They were rehearsing for some combat styles that wasn't displayed during the changing guards ceremony.
there's a man pretending to be emperor and they will change their formation to protect them from the assassins..

After that we went to try on traditional costumes!
i actually thought i would be able to try on hanbok but... it turns out to be...
a commander suit....

i looked so midget wearing the big outfit...
i doubt any soldier will obey me..

After that, we went out to take photo with the real palace guards!

hehehe i didn't take a lot of selfies... cause.. it's sooo cold!!
but keith helped me took some!

oh ya and also because the wind made my hair super messy!

He managed to take a few candid shots that i love!!
My boyfriend might have a hidden talent in photography!

Although my sister said they look very 90s kinda music video photos! hahaha

Love them anyway!!
Thanks dear dear!

We replenished our energy level after the long walk in Gyeongbokgung Palace at a random eatery nearby!

 Assorted Pancakes!
Super filling at just 22000 won!

 Spicy Chicken feet

This is by far the spiciest thing i've eaten in Korea!

 Tofu stew!

Korea, good food every corner

Will update again in another post!!



  1. Kyeopta~!!! You both look so cute in the traditional costumes!
    And yes, I think your boyfriend might be talented in photography~ The candid shots looks so pretty and natural!

    1. thank you!! hahaha

      yes yes! i think so.. if not, i think it's the model who has the huge potential~ *wink* hehehe

    2. Ehehehehe~~~ :3 The model looks pretty even in candid shots too X3

    3. IKR~ hehehe

      no la.. all PS and filters! hahaha


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