Friday, January 3, 2014

[Travelogue] New Year Eve -- Part 2! Ride on the craziest ride ever!!

Hello everyone!

Yes i'm still in KOREA hehehe

In the photo above, i was holding a super super big candy floss in hongdae!
at least 4 times the size of my face


but i'll get to it later..

so the second part of my new year eve, started after a brief rest in the hotel (after the heavy meal)..

then we went to dongdaemun...
which was sadly quite quite and most stalls were closed (not sure if i went to the correct place)

so in the end, we were attracted by some screaming..
which we initially thought was some kpop concert...

and we were surprised to see this!

This Crazy Disco Ride!!

and we rode it!
it was crazy!!
the announcer controls the movement of the ride and he will purposely shake the ride so that you will fall off..

like when we were on the disco ride, he will stop (which hangs up at the highest point) and ask us question. but since it's in korean, we don't understand so he will shake shake shake until we answered back! O.O

after a while he realised that we don't understand korean, so he will hang us up there and say...
Oh Singapore saranghaeyoooe.. choman saranghaeyoooo~
then jerk jerk jerk!!

And i fell down once!! Was holding to my dear life grabbing onto keith's leg

but since keith is a horse rider (and he said it's pretty much like riding on a crazy horse)he has got sooo much stability! as stiff as a rock!

of course, he will rotate the session and different group will be hung on the top.

it's.... really CRAZY la!

 this is me after the ride.
adrenaline rush!

after which we decided to go to hongdae cause they said there's a few clubs that will countdown

since i've only been to clubbing twice in my whole life, i'm eager to go there and check out the korean clubbing scene! hehehe

 beautiful illumination in hongdae


you know what i've found while looking for a place to eat?


managed to buy a few makeup items there..

"how to buy from stylenanda shop?"

you have to take photographs of the items you want and show to the counter..

i didn't know that and i was so lost for a long time until i approached one of the attendants to ask.

after that, we went to have dinner at a romantic looking place...

the greenhouse

oh... i also changed my hairstyle to something more mature since i'm going to the club hahaha


two yummy big plate of food at a super affordable price!

after that, we went to find the club.. hahaha

and on the way, we saw a small girl carrying a huge candy floss! like bigger than her.

so we went and find the candy floss shop


 it's HUGE!!!

but.. it's bitter T,T cause the pink colouring is bitter

we asked the candy floss uncle where the club is and we found it!

sadly, it's very empty even at 11pm..

so keith and i went home first..

but our friend xerxes stayed on to countdown with......

a huge group of people!
it seems like they all rushed in at 1145~12am!!

party sioooO~~


that's our new year eve!
how's yours?


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