Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[Event] The Body Shop

Hello everyone!!

Recently I went to The Body Shop event with Iiwen~
to pamper ourselves with a rejuvenating night with THE BODY SHOP~


cause they've launched a new sweet smelling BLUEBERRY series~
I love their grapefruit series (grapefruit scent can help to repress cravings) and their blueberry series smell so nice too!

The shower gel is almost used up~ hhaha

 This cute little blueberry helps to create foam~
so cute right hehee

Another product that is i love during the launch is...
Vitamin E Mdinight serum in oil~

They did a study on 126 and most of them raved about the product.

I was skeptical at first and i'm surprised that my skin feels so supple after one night of application!
However, some of my friends said that it's a little too oily for them.
I've got super dry skin so maybe that's why i find them really useful for my skin!

so if you've dry skin like mine, try using them!

During the event, they also introduced us to the latest trends in makeup and their new hair chalks.

SGD$9.90 each

 My hair after the stylist applied them for me =D hehe
the blue looks so striking!

 iiwen is PINK-ifying her hair

All done! 
super easy and cute!!

Personally I prefer the blue colour chalk as the colours show better.
PS: But the model on the poster looks so good with pink on her blonde hair!

I'm giving away both the pink and blue hair chalk to 2 quick finger reader residing in Singapore to try!
 just email me at kelly@kellykonomi.com and tell me which color you want!
first come first serve!!

They also launched new spring colours for the eyes~

Here's the new Shimmer cube Palette!

Pink and Gold are the color this spring!!

 SGD$36.90 each

 The beauty of this product is that you can mix and match and create your favorite portable palette!
You will see me using these palettes in  my upcoming makeup tutorial soon as the colours are so pretty!

 Had fun during the casual event that night!
Looking forward to more events~

but gosh... i need to try to be less awkward and more interactive!!
I always hang out bloggers i knew...

too shy to talk to other bloggers!


one of my resolution this year i guess

# Going to work on valentines ideas!!


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  1. Gosh,been too busy & i think it's too late to join now! Love that blue & pink lahh!
    Anyway it's not permanent right & will it damage the hair?? I hope they've the stocks now,so i can get to try!!
    And loving your valentine's present posts <3
    Ganbatte ~


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