Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet up with Hanie

Hello everyone!!

Recently i went out with Hanie who came to Singapore for a short trip...
Since we didn't managed to meet up the first time she came here, I've got to meet her this time round!!

We went to Haji Lane and bugis street!

PS: if you want to look for Japanese brands in Singapore, go visit Wisma atria and plaza Singapura! but.... if you've already been there, try HAJI LANE and BUGIS STREET. they've got many kawaii and cheap items! 

So... we went to HAJI LANE first...

see! SALE!

 tried on this super cute looking sunglasses hehe
Haji Lane has got many cute cafes that i want to try out next time!!
All my dear taitai friends, please jio me out for tea time soon~ hahaha

After walking around and we decided to take some selfies!

then we spotted this super kawaii looking wall at victoria lomo, so we squatted down at the side to take photo!!

Super unglam i know but the background is cute! =3=


so after haji lane, we went to bugis.....
didn't take photos cause we were busy shopping hahahaa

i ended up buying more clothes than hanie! o.o 

was supposed to be showing her around but i ended up unleashing all my shopping urges hahah

after a few hours of shopping, we went to TAIMEI to snack!

if you're visiting Singapore and bugis street, please go to the back of bugis street and order from taimei!

 One of the new headbands i bought!
3 for $10!!
cheap cheap! hehe

 My half eaten share of taimei goodness


after that, we went separate ways and i went dinner with my bf


forced him to put on the headband cause i wanted to take photo of us!

looks so cute right!!

his unwilling face wakakaka


It was really fun spending my day with hanie!
I wish her all the best for her interview in Singapore!
Hopefully she will be moving here to study and there will be one more japan fashion lover in Singapore~!

Friday, March 21, 2014

[Event] Influr X Laneige X Mariottsg

Hello everyone!!

even though the title of this post seems to be an event post.... it's going to be just another post for me to upload all the pretty photos taken last night!

It's not a secret that i love pretty girls...
and of course, i love being surrounded by pretty girls...

(more so than pretty boys)


Here's my Blogger buddies~
Iiwen and golly~

it seems that my blogger buddies are also in threes..

=3= wendy ashley la~~
recently so busy, didn't get to meet her since the start of the year...

but we've got new member~~~ the face super small (soooooo envy) iiwen~

yes another super crazy for japanese fashion de~

yes yes~ to be my blogging buddies, you've got to be a JAPAN LOVER!

*RECRUITING!! Any interested parties? We can go events together~*


 and all must use CASIO camera cause got beauty mode hahaha

 At the influr event~

 it's a new influencer platform for everyone~

held at the super pretty Mariott hotel pool and grill~
the background is so pretty~!

that's why almost everyone camwhore at that area~
and since we are camping at the area while listening to the event organizers' talks...
we camwhore a little bit more than others hahaha

 And even with Ninjagirls, we also chose to take our photos there~
and of course, with golly's awesome long limbs, four of us managed to fit in just nice~

 With my very nice macaron lollipop~
You can see all the female bloggers at the event taking selfies with the macarons! hahaha

I saw a few familiar faces at the event but i didnt approach them~
cause i shy~

but i did took a photo with the always so bubbly sherie~
met her during my tampines mall contest, she's the organizer

She's getting married soon too!

wheee hee~ so many people getting engaged~

And after event, i went to have my dinner...

by the way, i'm not sure if you've read about it from my dayre (username : kellykonomi)

but i've gained weight recently!
(nope, not pregnant.. just gained weight)

soooo, i tend to look extra chubby in photos!
but i heard from others that being chubbier makes me look younger and more friendly~

nevertheless, i still need to lose weight~
want to reach my previous non-flabby-non-wobbly body! hahaha
now i'm like a jelly~

ganbarimasu neh!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Knowing the causes of acne according to their location

Hello everyone!

I was (like usual) browsing through Japan beauty sites and i came across this article that really interests me.



Knowing the reason and treatment method for your acne just by the location of it.


  1. Excessive body heat
  2. Hormonal imbalance
  3. Internal organ disorder
  4. Stress
  5. Diet
  6. External causes

It kinda sounds like everything will cause acne right

but worry not, we can narrow the causes down by looking at the places they appear at...!


・Shampoo and conditioner from your hair is not washed away thoroughly.
・Inflammation caused by the dirt/bacteria on your fringe.
・Digestive problems

→When the acnes appear, change your hairstyle so that there's no hair around the face.
→ Change your diet habits, don't binge.

・Touching your nose too frequently (dirt/bacteria transferred onto the nose)
・Foundation/UV rays causing imbalances in the skin turnovers which results in clogged pores
・ Problems with liver, intestines and lungs

→ When there's acne, put light makeup. Reduce intake of nuts, oily and sweet food.

Influenced by male hormones. that's why the most common place for men to have ance is the cheek.

【Causes for ladies】
・ Digestive problems
・ Constipation or liver problems
・ Too much sugary and oily food 

Around the mouth
・ Indigestion problem
・ Vitamin Indeficiency
・ Overeating

→ Eat nutritional and balanced meals. Have enough sleep


・Pre menstrual
・ Makeup not thoroughly removed.
・Insufficient sleep
・Body Chills

→Enjoy a relaxing hot bath =D

And do you know that...

White acne → Digestive system, lungs and energy level
people who have alot of white acnes, tend to have low energy level.
Waste material tend to remain inside the body thereby resulting in white acnes.

On the other hand, Purple acne ( swelling acnes. when touched, you can see that it's deep inside) → problem with the uterus, disrupted menstrual cycle, stiffed shoulders and headache etc

That's all for this post!
Hope you'll find it informative!

btw, i've got white acnes on my forehead... guess i've got to pin up my fringe more often! =D

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[Sponsored ad] Adore Sanitary pad - Comfort All Days

Hello everyone!!

Today I'll be introducing another new product!

This product just makes me wanna shout...


I'll elaborate on that later.


but first, a short introduction of ADORE for those who didn't know about this brand!

ADORE takes on a revolutionary approach making their sanitary pads both ultra slim and hygienic. 

ADORE’s feminine hygiene products are fast becoming popular. 
The anti-bacterial functions have been laboratory tested and proven to be extremely effective in suppressing bacterial growth caused by prolonged wearing of sanitary napkins and pantyliners. 

Their super high absorbency properties ensure you can forget about embarrassing moments caused by side leaks and backflow. In addition, you can be assured that ADORE products are not bleached as no recycled cotton is used which greatly reduces the risk of skin reactions due to sensitivity.

ADORE is also recommended by gynaecologist as a consumer-safe sanitary pad that prevents vaginal infection!

And... ADORE is the Winner Of Best Selling Premium Sanitary Napkins


Sounds great right?

They have many products that cater to your "monthly" needs;

ADORE Daily Freshness

ADORE Active Days

ADORE Dreamy Nights

but what i love best from their product range is....

ADORE's Comfort All Days

*inserts " WHY ISN'T THIS PRODUCED EARLIER??" scream *

I've never seen a product like Comfort All Days in the market yet..

ADORE だいすき - COMFORT ALL DAYS is a Combo Pack of 13s which was developed as an All-in-One pack which is convenient for tourists, airline flight crew, holiday makers and those who like the convenience of just purchasing a pack of sanitary napkins which can last them throughout their period.

だいすき - COMFORT ALL DAYS consists of 6pcs (24cm) Day pad, 3pcs (28cm) Night pad & 4pcs (19cm) Lite Flow Day pad which is suitable for "pre" and "post" period use; all conveniently packed into a single pack!

Before this, I normally buy different packets , separate them and pack them together into one fluffy bag. 
It's much costlier and messier that way!!

And during the most unfortunate event when "it" came unexpectedly, I'll just buy the night wear sanitary pad overseas cause I don't want to waste my luggage space putting 2-3 packets of different sizes. But.... Normally, the night wear is so fat and uncomfortable to wear throughout the day!
Especially when I'm wearing tight jeans!!

So you can imagine how much i wanted to thank ADORE when they introduced this to me the first time!

One packet and you'll be assured for the whole trip!
They've got night wear, day wear and for pre and post periods!

Not only that, they have special packaging that allows you to keep your pads clean and neat!
You won't want your pads to be exposed to dirt and moisture!

Stick the cover back everytime you use them!
then the unused pads will remain clean!

If you're travelling, i would definitely recommend this pack for you!

And if you're wondering, their sanitary pads are really absorbent and comfortable!
I love it!

Feeling fresh, comfortable all day!!

       Current Promotions:

COMFORT ALL DAYS (UP $4.90 – INTRODUCTORY OFFER - $3.70) – Limited period only from now till End April at Watsons, SaSa, Sheng Siong & Giant.

    Usual Prices & Where to buy :


WATSONS, GIANT, SHENG SIONG & Selected Minimarts Islandwide

[Review] Casio ZR1200 , my new digital camera

*Disclaimer : This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought this for personal use*

Recently I went to the IT Show at Marina Bay Sands expo and got myself a new digital camera.

I've got a DSLR and TR150 (lost its charger) but I'm looking for a handy and good quality camera!
Also an idiot proof one cause i'm not exactly very techy.

So i caught my eyes on CASIO ZR1200..

first of all, it's pink.

secondly, it's casio.
I have only raves and raves about Casio Tr150 so i know buying a casio exilim camera will definitely suit my needs!

thirdly, it has a flip screen!

which can act as a tripod stand too.

fourthly,  it has makeup mode~
If you read my blog post about tr150, you would know how awesome this function is!

so that's my reasons for buying CASIO ZR1200..

and i'm glad i bought it~~

because there's more reasons to justify that i've made a good purchase after playing with it!!
It's easy to use and so versatile!
The photo quality is awesome as well!!

They have two shooting modes that i especially love.

The [ART] ART SHOT mode and the [BS] BEST SHOT MODE..

Best of all, it's really easy and quick to change from mode to mode!

 You can prep your camera into your preferred mode in seconds!!
Absolutely love it!
Perfect for indecisive "photographer" like me!


Let's look at their [BS]  BEST SHOT mode!
There are sooo many modes, i'm pretty sure that you can get a perfect shot for your photos with all these preset scene settings!

Brightening, HS Night Sceen, HS Night Scene and portrait, HS Night shot, HDR, HS Anti Shake, Blurred Background, All-in-focus Macro, AF-CS, High Speed CS, HS Best selection, Slide Panorama, Wide shot, Snapshot, Scenery, Portrait with Scenery, Children, Sports, Candlelight Portrait, Party, Pet, Flower, Natural Green, Autumn Leaves, Soft Flowing Water, Splashing Water, Sunset, Fireworks, Food, Text, Collection, Auction, RAW image, Prerecord, For Youtube, HDMI TV Output

There's so many scene modes!
To be honest, I haven't use all the scene modes yet but my favourite is BLURRED BACKGROUND!


It blurs out the background!
hahaha. No need to stress out my amateur photography skills with the 50mm/F1.8 or 35mm/F1.8 etc!
Just use CASIO ZR1200 to create blurred background MUAHAHAHA

It focuses on the objects nearer to it and blurs out the background automatically.


 And their ART MODE is just as awesome!


and my favourite mode is...


Here's some of my selfies with soft focus!
*COUGH* *excuse to post tons of selfies*

Looks more dreamy than normal photos right!
and they are all unedited!

Another mode in ART they've got is SPARKLING mode which is soft focus combined with a cross filter produces photos with fantastical visual effects.
Super cute, can't wait to use this mode to shoot some of my clay handicrafts!
Well, i guess most girls who bought Casio Exilim camera for their beauty shoot AKA makeup mode!
So i'm going to review that as well!
As mentioned above, ZR1200 enables speedy setting changes!
Press SET and you will open up this convenient side bar which allows you to do instant changes to the shoot settings

which includes the makeup level settings..

from level 1 to 12!

I normally put the setting at level 5 so that i would have nice skin that doesn't look too fake/edited!

Examples :
*AHEM another excuse to post selfies hahaha*

 Oops, looks like i'm pointing middle finger hahaha

Of course, you can adjust to level 8-9 or even level 12 to achieve the flawless looking skin!


In addition, despite its petite size, the photo quality is awesome!
Casio ZR1200 has got approximately 16.1 megapixels(/million) 

Look at how clear my super zoomed in photo is!

Every strand of lashes, even my super fine natural lashes!


Like most casio cameras, Zr1200 has got the Motion Shutter function is which great for OOTD photos!

Wave and the shutter will be activated!

especially convenient if your bf is preoccupied with playing games!


Lastly, it is compatible with WIFI memory card!

I used the EZ SH@RE which is given as a free gift during the promotion!

Sharing photos on social media straight from the camera~



Well, after raving about all the features i love...

Here are some CONS you will need to know before deciding on buying it!

- Gets heated up easily (but luckily, function not affected i think)
- Battery runs out within a day ( around 100 photos with WIFI sharing activated thoughout)
- Long shooting intervals during BLURRED BACKGROUND mode
nevertheless, i don't find these factors limiting!
Thus, I don't regretting purchasing it!

Oh and i do find that TR150 is better for camwhoring because of the smaller size and better grip!
However, function wise ZR1200 is still better...

but i'm honestly tempted by the latest TR15/TR350!!

which has most of the functions of ZR1200!
Also, they have some other functions that i would love to try!!


their new remote capture!!
haha can pretend to take those candid photos!

and they have got two types of make up mode!

brightening mode and natural mode!


Aquamarine and Pink!
Both my favourite colours!!


But TR15/TR350 is more expensive than ZR1200!
TR15 is priced above $1k while i bought my ZR1200 at $449 during IT show!

Sorry i digress a little!
but... in conclusion...

 If you want a multi function and affordable camera, i'll definitely recommend ZR1200!

*Disclaimer : This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought this for personal use*


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