Friday, March 21, 2014

[Event] Influr X Laneige X Mariottsg

Hello everyone!!

even though the title of this post seems to be an event post.... it's going to be just another post for me to upload all the pretty photos taken last night!

It's not a secret that i love pretty girls...
and of course, i love being surrounded by pretty girls...

(more so than pretty boys)


Here's my Blogger buddies~
Iiwen and golly~

it seems that my blogger buddies are also in threes..

=3= wendy ashley la~~
recently so busy, didn't get to meet her since the start of the year...

but we've got new member~~~ the face super small (soooooo envy) iiwen~

yes another super crazy for japanese fashion de~

yes yes~ to be my blogging buddies, you've got to be a JAPAN LOVER!

*RECRUITING!! Any interested parties? We can go events together~*


 and all must use CASIO camera cause got beauty mode hahaha

 At the influr event~

 it's a new influencer platform for everyone~

held at the super pretty Mariott hotel pool and grill~
the background is so pretty~!

that's why almost everyone camwhore at that area~
and since we are camping at the area while listening to the event organizers' talks...
we camwhore a little bit more than others hahaha

 And even with Ninjagirls, we also chose to take our photos there~
and of course, with golly's awesome long limbs, four of us managed to fit in just nice~

 With my very nice macaron lollipop~
You can see all the female bloggers at the event taking selfies with the macarons! hahaha

I saw a few familiar faces at the event but i didnt approach them~
cause i shy~

but i did took a photo with the always so bubbly sherie~
met her during my tampines mall contest, she's the organizer

She's getting married soon too!

wheee hee~ so many people getting engaged~

And after event, i went to have my dinner...

by the way, i'm not sure if you've read about it from my dayre (username : kellykonomi)

but i've gained weight recently!
(nope, not pregnant.. just gained weight)

soooo, i tend to look extra chubby in photos!
but i heard from others that being chubbier makes me look younger and more friendly~

nevertheless, i still need to lose weight~
want to reach my previous non-flabby-non-wobbly body! hahaha
now i'm like a jelly~

ganbarimasu neh!



  1. oo you all dress very very pretty and cute ^o^

  2. Hey Kelly!
    We met at the Tokyo Luxey event, saw you at the Influr event too but I didn't dare to say hi haha!!
    See you around (:

  3. Really looks like you had fun! And the macaroons also look very good, haha.

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  4. Your brown eyelashes looked really nice, soft and feminine! Nice! Are you using Diamond Lash Brown Series or Eyemazing? :)

  5. Love your eye make up! You don't look chubby at all~


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