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Knowing the causes of acne according to their location

Hello everyone!

I was (like usual) browsing through Japan beauty sites and i came across this article that really interests me.



Knowing the reason and treatment method for your acne just by the location of it.


  1. Excessive body heat
  2. Hormonal imbalance
  3. Internal organ disorder
  4. Stress
  5. Diet
  6. External causes

It kinda sounds like everything will cause acne right

but worry not, we can narrow the causes down by looking at the places they appear at...!


・Shampoo and conditioner from your hair is not washed away thoroughly.
・Inflammation caused by the dirt/bacteria on your fringe.
・Digestive problems

→When the acnes appear, change your hairstyle so that there's no hair around the face.
→ Change your diet habits, don't binge.

・Touching your nose too frequently (dirt/bacteria transferred onto the nose)
・Foundation/UV rays causing imbalances in the skin turnovers which results in clogged pores
・ Problems with liver, intestines and lungs

→ When there's acne, put light makeup. Reduce intake of nuts, oily and sweet food.

Influenced by male hormones. that's why the most common place for men to have ance is the cheek.

【Causes for ladies】
・ Digestive problems
・ Constipation or liver problems
・ Too much sugary and oily food 

Around the mouth
・ Indigestion problem
・ Vitamin Indeficiency
・ Overeating

→ Eat nutritional and balanced meals. Have enough sleep


・Pre menstrual
・ Makeup not thoroughly removed.
・Insufficient sleep
・Body Chills

→Enjoy a relaxing hot bath =D

And do you know that...

White acne → Digestive system, lungs and energy level
people who have alot of white acnes, tend to have low energy level.
Waste material tend to remain inside the body thereby resulting in white acnes.

On the other hand, Purple acne ( swelling acnes. when touched, you can see that it's deep inside) → problem with the uterus, disrupted menstrual cycle, stiffed shoulders and headache etc

That's all for this post!
Hope you'll find it informative!

btw, i've got white acnes on my forehead... guess i've got to pin up my fringe more often! =D


  1. I didn't know that there's difference between white acne and the purplish ones :O I usually have the white ones and I have low energy level too...

    1. i didn't know them too!!
      I didn't even know they are called purple pimples hahahaha

  2. Now I think I understand more why I had acne, thank you! My acnes were around my chin and cheeks and also white acne. But a few months after I started taking contraceptive pills, they were all gone and my skin looks much better and is less oily. So I'm guessing mine was hormonal, hmm.

    1. yes i heard some people actually got better skin and more curves after taking pills! I wanted to try but i'm afraid i might be the few who will have acne outbreaks and mood swings >.<

  3. whoaaaaa, i always get acnes on my forehead and nose lol ><

    P-chan's Adventure!

    1. same here!! and always on the same spot! >.<

  4. wow! Σ(・口・) now I understand the difference! this really helpful!!! thank you so much for sharing ❤ ヽ(‘ω’☆)

  5. wowow, that's very interesting~ thank you for sharing :D

  6. Hhm... hopefully washing out my shampoo/conditioner more thoroughly will help with my forehead then! Although it hasn't been really bad or anything but I never used to have any issues on my forehead at all and I'd like to go back to that ><. Thanks for posting about this! (❁´ω`❁)

    1. me too!

      ='( sadly, i think my skin gone bad with age hahaha


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