Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet up with Hanie

Hello everyone!!

Recently i went out with Hanie who came to Singapore for a short trip...
Since we didn't managed to meet up the first time she came here, I've got to meet her this time round!!

We went to Haji Lane and bugis street!

PS: if you want to look for Japanese brands in Singapore, go visit Wisma atria and plaza Singapura! but.... if you've already been there, try HAJI LANE and BUGIS STREET. they've got many kawaii and cheap items! 

So... we went to HAJI LANE first...

see! SALE!

 tried on this super cute looking sunglasses hehe
Haji Lane has got many cute cafes that i want to try out next time!!
All my dear taitai friends, please jio me out for tea time soon~ hahaha

After walking around and we decided to take some selfies!

then we spotted this super kawaii looking wall at victoria lomo, so we squatted down at the side to take photo!!

Super unglam i know but the background is cute! =3=


so after haji lane, we went to bugis.....
didn't take photos cause we were busy shopping hahahaa

i ended up buying more clothes than hanie! o.o 

was supposed to be showing her around but i ended up unleashing all my shopping urges hahah

after a few hours of shopping, we went to TAIMEI to snack!

if you're visiting Singapore and bugis street, please go to the back of bugis street and order from taimei!

 One of the new headbands i bought!
3 for $10!!
cheap cheap! hehe

 My half eaten share of taimei goodness


after that, we went separate ways and i went dinner with my bf


forced him to put on the headband cause i wanted to take photo of us!

looks so cute right!!

his unwilling face wakakaka


It was really fun spending my day with hanie!
I wish her all the best for her interview in Singapore!
Hopefully she will be moving here to study and there will be one more japan fashion lover in Singapore~!


  1. How do you style your bangs Kelly? Mine always turn out flat :(

    1. I used 26mm curler and curled them up with low heat. :)

  2. haha cute! when a guy is willing to do such stuff, you know he loves you ^^

    1. Thank you!! :)

      Yes I'm sure. He's my sweet boyfriend hehehe *shy*

  3. You make me want to go shopping! Ps. I love how you look with short hair ♥

    1. Yes goooo!! I haven't been shopping for weeks cause I'm busy with work etc.. I've got to say, retail therapy works! Feels so accomplished and happy after that hehe

  4. you are so pretty and skinny now! how did u do it! pls share!!!

    1. Thanks for the fb message!

      I didn't! I actually gained weight! Probably is the change in makeup and dressing style hehe

  5. Kelly I passed my interview!!! :D Shall see you again soon hehe~
    I just got home and I'm surprised to see that you've already posted it so soon! :D
    Thanks for meeting me! (^^) <3

    1. Congrats hanie!!

      Yes! Cause I seldom have any lifestyle posts so I'm eager to post them up hahaha

  6. Hah you and your boyfriend are cute. As a guy I feel for your boyfriend, now you can share that pic with his friends and tease him ;)


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