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[Review] BottomSlim

Hello everyone!!

Today I would like to dedicate this post to the kind PRs and managers of Bottomslim!

Long story cut short : I gained weight before my Japan trip, need to lose weight for runway. Asked for help, bottomslim appeared like a silver lining during my super cloudy sky. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I'm a believer of Tokyo Bust Express (consistently visiting them for 7-8 times already and the results stays!! *shy* nevertheless, *ahem* can be bigger! hahahah) therefore i'm really looking forward to all the magic bottomslim can cast on my horrible lower body...

I'm quite happy with my upper body cause i've got no tummy and my upper limbs are acceptable... (flabby , yes but can be toned up with weights training)

but it's my LEGS!!!

I guess most of you know that i gym regularly...
it does help me slim down my arms and face...

but my legs!!
they just remain the same even though i do cardio most of the times!

and that's really irritates me since walking the runway -----> people looking at your legs from below and that will just make them look fatter.. hahaha

I need something that just targets my legs!!

I don't want to look anorexic but i just wanna have even body ratio!

---------- enough of ramblings -----------------

let's start!

 I guess i'm in good hands =D hehe

The whole treatment starts with a consultation.

The specialist will examine your problem areas and explain to you how and why they are there.


I've got everything!

Then she will prescribe you with the suitable treatment.

Here's what i did!

- APL-09
Fat Blaster Treatment
Photo light therapy that helps to soften & liquefy fat deposits. Red endo light to repair cells and strengthen collagen elasticity.
Aids in reducing water retention in localized are.
Contouring and correcting figure shapes.
Aids in reducing stretch marks and scars.
Vacuum that helps in cellulite appearance.

Sonic Slim US
 Nano Slim Treatment
- Mold body curve.
-Remove excess fatty deposit.
Lift saggy muscles.
-Treat orange pell skin.
-Improve tissue tone.
-Reduce appearance cellulite.
-Lighten stretch marks and scars.
- Promote blood circulation.
-Promote lymphatic circulation and metabolism.
-Reinforce the effects of products, deep penetration.

PowerTrim Technology
highly recommended treatment, it has a frequency penetration of up to 15mm into the skin that induce deep heating. It is able to reach the most stubborn fatty deposit. It is a treatment  that replaces liposuction without going under the knife which is used by doctors!

BottomTrim Therapy
-Improve blood circulation
- Eliminate toxins.
Reduce appearance cellulite
-Contour and reshape body.
-Smoothen lumpy areas and promote inch loss.

I asked them to give me everything and anything cause i'm desperate

The specialist warned me that i might experience bruising... but it's normal..
which i'm pretty okay with..

Who cares about the bruising if it comes with better looking body!

I don't mind bruising for one week in exchange for slimmer and straight looking legs!

before the treatment, you'll need to measure weight!!
Still remember I was around 40kg last time?
Now I gained back a lot...

treatment starts!

 This are my stretch marks (yes i've got really horrible stretch marks, due to my sudden weight loss during my secondary school days)

The treatment increased blood circulation to that area so they look red.
It bruised for 2 days but after that, the stretch marks did surprisngly seem to lighten!

They also did measurement before and after treatment!

and the results......

Minus 0.5cm for thighs and calves!!
*measurement taken on the widest part*

Though minimal, but it's better than nothing! =D

They did assure me that with subsequent sessions, the difference will be more obvious.

hehehe *PS: i'm not paid by them to say all these!! )

I'm really satisfied with my treatment.
One time 0.5cm, 10 times 5cm!! *pardon my super optimistic estimation*

but if you're looking for a targeted lower limb slimming for your body without going under the knife, try bottom slim! Furthermore, BottomSlim is so kind to be giving away exclusive promotion for my readers as they are sponsoring this year’s Star Awards!!!!! *YAY!!!*
Answer a simple question and stand a chance to win 3 Signature Tummy, Thighs Trimmer + Calves Reductal Treatment worth $788!
First 50 readers will win a special Star Awards Slimming Kit worth $288! What are you waiting for?
Fill in the form:

Terms and Conditions to apply:

-        Females above 18 years old and above only
-        Strictly by appointment only.
-        Promotion valid for 2 months

o   Ngee Ann City
391B Orchard Road #05-18 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873

o   City Square Mall
      180 Kitchener Road #B2-33, Singapore 208539


o   Square 2 (Novena)

10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19 Novena Square 2, Singapore 307506

o   Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #02-67, Singapore 449269
o   Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central #03-31, Singapore 556083

o   Jurong East
Blk 134 Jurong gateway road #01-311 unit 3, Singapore 600134


  1. Congrats on losing the .5cms! It's a good start for the treatments isn't it? I wish my upper-body would lose weight like my lower body does, but even if I lost 40lbs, my arms and tummy would still look flabby (even with toning up!).

  2. Singapore has such convenient beauty treatments @_@. I really want to move there now, haha. This treatment is exactly what I need D: I also have lots of stretch marks because I grew up so fast lol. On the beginning of the year I was smaller than my mom, and at the end I was taller than my father T_T. I have the same problem as you. My upper body loses fat so quickly, but my legs just hate me Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  3. ahh i wish i coud do this
    my legs are so thick. like a good daikon hahah
    please update us again after oyur sessions it will be interesting to see the results over a long time
    or maybe like a follow up after a few months to see the lasting effects?

  4. How much did you pay for this treatment?

  5. Y u want to cheat ppl. Pls la this is cheating company . Don't waste your money

  6. Y u want to cheat ppl. Pls la this is cheating company . Don't waste your money


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