Friday, May 9, 2014

: Beauty pampering before my ROM for better skin at Shakura!

hello everyone!!

As you all know I'm going to ROM (engagement) soon, so i need to pamper myself a little bit more!

Whilst enjoying all the perks of being a to-be-bride, i shall review all the beauty services i tried!

First on my list to achieve is....

Don't you want flawless porcelain complexion is beaming with happiness during that special day?


hahaha. actually i want that kind of skin everyday, not only for that special day 

However, ever since i reached my 20s, my skin was no longer as flawless as before.

acnes, scars and pigmentation...


Therefore, my first beauty service i've tried is facial!!

I went down to one of Shakura's many outlets ; Harbourfront center branch.

Just a quick introduction : 
SHAKURA, the Pigmentation Specialist from Japan is in Singapore! Formulated with Milk Essence and plant extracts from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower, every facial treatment offers an ideal balance of nutrients for your delicate skin.

Facial treatments at Shakura are non-surgical that do not involve any laser procedures. Every treatment is gentle yet pleasingly effective. Not only does their facial treatments lightens existing stubborn spots, they prevent the formation of future spots!

Me without foundation.

 So i went in and sat down with one of their beauticians (vivien) for consultation.

Here's my pigmentation scans.
(A) represents the skin on my chin
(B) represents the skin on the hand

(A) has got more scars and pigmentation. (B) has got more triangular prisms which means it's healthier, more moisturizers and therefore easier for skin care products to be absorbed into the skin!

after the initial consultation, it's the treatment time! 

 Inside their treatment room, they've this big flawless radiant skin poster~

Let's start the treatment!

Acne scars!

I didn't have any photos taken during the treatment.
However, i can rest assure you that it's super gentle!
Their extraction is not painful at all!!
I used to hate extractions but i guess i'm okay with theirs! ^u^

Cleansing -> Exfoliating -> Extractions -> Treatment -> Mask -> Cleansing -> Lotion + Moisturiser + Suncreen

 And after this simple yet relaxing facial, i'm surprised to see such improvements in my skin conditions!

My scars have lightened noticeably. They are visibly more moisturised too!

What i love about shakura is that they managed to reduce pigmentation and scars without the use of lasers! 

If you want to reduce your pigmentation and scarring without suffering through the awkward downtime period, try SHAKURA.

You can see visible results in one session!

My skin is so smooth and bright after the treatment!

Here's me just out of the shower! hahaha
 the scars over my forehead has lightened!
and somehow, i look fairer! heeheh

my makeup put on beautifully and stayed perfectly on throughout the day!

Isn't it awesome?
I want my skin to be like this forever!

 Are you interested to try?

Good news, Shakura kindly extended the free trial to my readers!!

 *hehe that's me when i tried to draw freckles on my face! and that might become me in the future if i don't treatment my underlying pigmentation now!! O.O*

Promotion: Complimentary 1 Free Shakura Pigmentation Facial Treatment, simply call 6312 1212 and quote “kelly konomi”!

List of Beauty Outlets in Singapore:
• NEW! HarbourFront Centre
• Heartland Mall, Kovan
• JCube, Jurong East
• Plaza Singapura
• Tampines 1
• YewTee Point

Hotline: 6312 1212


  1. That is really nice! Singapore has a lot of beauty shops that would make my life so easy! This one seems really nice, I could make good use of this treatment, too bad I don't live in Singapore xD

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  2. hi kelly,
    how much you paid for this treatment or is there a first time trial treatment ?
    thank you :)

    1. hi there,

      there's a promotion right now!
      Enjoy your Complimentary 1 Free Shakura Pigmentation Facial Treatment, simply call 6312 1212 and quote “kelly konomi”!

      I went for a first time trial only! =)

  3. Such a pity there's no a place like this in Ecuador :(
    Your face looked so flawless after the treatment! I want it too!

    Definitely follow u now ♥ Could u follow me back please? ^^

    I do reviews & make up too


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