Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[Review] Adore Daily Freshness

Hi girls!!

It's the time of the month again!  hehehe

Yep, time for my monthly ADORE review!

Well today i'll be reviewing on their Panty liner - ADORE Daily Freshness


But first, let me tell you more about my "monthly" problem.

basically, mine is not monthly.

It's very irregular but i can feel when it is about to come.

Sometimes i feel the cramps one or two days before the start of my period, sometimes one week before.

During that time, I will put on panty liner just to prepare for its sudden visit because I don't want to waste normal pads.

However, when that time comes....
most panty liners can't "hold" the flow! so irritating!!

And since Adore gave me a few sets of monthly necessities to try and review, I used their panty liner for a few months.

To be honest, even though i'm aware how good their sanitary pads are, i'm amazed to find out that their panty liner is MY-DREAM-PANTY-LINER come true

I was doing work last weekend at Fukuoka Asian collection. As a translator + director's assistant, i had to follow the fashion team around all the times. That gave me no time to visit the toilet at all but since i felt the cramps a few days ago, i put on my Adore Daily Freshness.


My period started that day. I was so busy i couldn't feel the flow.

To be my delightful surprise, Adore Daily Freshness managed to hold back my 3 hours ++ flow!! (I work 3-4hours a day~ hehehe)

Super super grateful!! I cannot imagine the embarrassment i would experience if i were to stain my dress in front of all the big shot Japanese directors and designers!


Lucky me!

And therfore, for today i'll be doing a comparison between my usual ones and ADORE!

First difference i noticed is...


Secondly, the touch feels different.

As you can see, both of them look slim.
however, Adore's Daily Freshness is fluffier while Brand X's feels like a thick piece of cardboard.

I believe this is why Adore's Daily Freshness feel more "breathable" and can absorb more.

I love how the cottons are neatly packed within ADORE Daily Freshness!
Even when i rubbed it hard, there's no balls of fibres coming out!

=.= Can you imagine yourself running or moving vigourously and the fibers break lose...

and who knows where they will "FLY" to?

 probably i'm being paranoid!

BUT i'll definitely stick to ADORE daily freshness now~

Not to mention, that they have their signature green compound strip that can inhibit bacteria growth!

Personal tip: I always stick panty liners to my disposable panties when i go overseas! it gives me a peace of mind and makes me feel that my disposables are more durable ! hehe


Information about ADORE:

Where to buy ADORE - WATSONS, GIANT, SHENG SIONG & Selected Minimarts Islandwide


Like ADORE’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/adore.sgp

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