Wednesday, May 7, 2014

[Review] My Current Circle lens - Little Pale Brown

Today I'll like to update  my blog with my current lens!!
Seems like many of you like them!
Thank you for commenting here and on my instagram!
And therefore, I shall do a proper review post on it!
Will be sharing where you can get them too!
I bought them on a trip to BKK but you can get them online too!!
I think most of you (like me initially) will be wondering if the lens are safe to wear etc..
well, what I can say is....
Once I start buying lens from Thailand, I can't stop~
I just keep buying and buying!
Cause they've 3 Cs!

I'm currently using Little Pale Brown from Pretty lens!
Available from 00 to -1000
55% water content
The colours are really bright but yet natural looking!
Even though the diameter is only 14mm, it doesn't look small at all!
More Photos:
Looks so watery right?
Love this design as it brightens your eyes instantly!
with flash
My comments :
Comfort : ★★★★☆
Comfortable!! You won't feel like you're wearing lens at all!
However, i felt slight dryness after 4-6 hours! Just rewet it and it will be fresh and comfy again!
Design : ★★★★★
 Love it! Like how the light inner rim reflects the light and makes my eyes look shinny!
It's also pretty natural, good for school or work! Perfect if you want to look natural but not boringly plain at the same time!
Magnifying effect : ★★★☆☆
 14mm... not very big but surprisingly i don't find that it's too small either.
Email : or LINE : pan0802
1 pair = 230baht (~SGD$9.20)
2 pairs = 200baht (~SGD$8)
3 pairs = 180baht (~SGD$7.20)
5 pairs = 170baht (~SGD$6.40)
Ships worldwide
Accepts Paypal
PS : I'm not advertising or selling for them, just purely sharing my reviews since a lot of people have been asking me where I've gotten them!


  1. I really like the eyes it made! Especially on yours!
    Recently I stopped to wear 'circle lens' because when I wear them longer, I do not feel comfortable, and my eyes became little red. And I discover the new Freshlook line, and I think I wiould definitely stay at this brand, they are very comfortable and let my eyes breathe and clear. I don't know why but I don't digest circle lens now.

    1. you're wearing clear lens now? >.< i can't!! i wore clear lens for job interviews and eyes look very empty!

      but you look nice even without circle lens in your photos! <3

  2. Hi Kelly! I really like these lenses-- I bought my cousin the EOS Sugar Candy Brown lenses for her birthday, but they made her eyes unnaturally yellow and creepy. Maybe next time, we'll get these ones! :)

    Cindy from A Princess's Guide to Life, Love, & Looks

    1. Unnaturally yellow? O.o ewwww.
      Does she has very light coloured eyes?

      But you can try this design! Looks nice!

  3. you make me miss wearing circle lenses...haha ^^

    1. U can wear them occasionally on dates night ! :)

  4. Hi Kelly:), may I know what blusher did u use in this post? Cos it looks really nice on you! Thanks!:)

    1. Hi! I'm using 3ec duo color face blush #make me blush.


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