Friday, June 13, 2014

Datsumo at Datsumo Labo

Hello everyone!!

Remember last year I won miss datsumo labo contest?

That's why i've received multiple emails/enquiries on asking me how's datsumo labo like....


cause honestly, I didn't visit them regularly!!

The first few dates i've arranged with them was crashed with my menses period or busy period ... and subsequently, i just forgot and became too lazy to arrange! 


but i did visit them!! just not regularly!!

 Therefore, although i'm not obliged to....
I've definitely to make a blog post for them!

One thing i love about Datsumo Labo now is that...

they've got sooo many outlets around the city!!

Therefore, it's easier and more convenient for me to visit them REGULARLY!

And in fact, my recent visit was at their new outlet at BUGIS CUBE!

My meeting ended earlier so i went over to datsumo labo to "relax" and pamper myself a little before heading towards the next event!

Fortunately, the kind receptionist arranged a slot for me!! *YIPPPIE~!!*

Datsumo startoooo~~

Their machines are awesome!!

For those who didn't read my previous review about datsumo....

you might be shocked by this information....

their hair removal laser....


I've tried IPL hair removal treatment prior to Datsumo Labo and they hurt!!
Like ear hole piercing pain level to me cause my pain threshold is pretty low!

but datsumo labo's treatment is painless...
the only sensation i felt is....

COOLING sensation.

They applied a cold hair removal gel that not only help to minimise irritation to the skin, it moisturizes and whitens the skin as well!
 In fact, they are so comfortable and painless that i fell asleep during the session!



You can read a more detailed review here

*oh i looked so young and fresh there hahaha*

More details on the location :

in fact, in july... they will open a new outlet!!

yet another super convenient location!!

Do follow their facebook and instagram for exclusive promotions!


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