Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Instagram updates!

Hello everyone!!

Haven't been updating my blog frequently but....

I did update my instagram!!

pardon my laziness, i'm going to use some of my instagram photos and update my blog! hehehe

Went to watch Maleficent !!
Angelina Jolie is sooooo pretty inside!

And all the baby and child actresses are sooo cute!! I totally melted when the baby girl smiled!

My first attempt at bread making!
Made my panda bread which i think was really cute!!


but no one in my family dares to eat it... =(

Photo by 8bitwonderland

Yukata group photo recently! Sorry my hair was a little oily! Was perspiring so hard that day with my yukata on!! omg!! I should have changed the location to an air-conditioned place!! >.<

On my way to FACO, fukuoka asian collection!
 My first time officially working as a translator! =) Pretty fun!!
Felt like i'm working as a runway director's assistant though! hahaha

but seeing cute girls make me super super happy~ so i love working as a runway assistant too! hahaha

Keith and I with our "tried-numerous-times-at-lucky-draw-but-couldn't-get-it" Mr brown balloon!
In the end, we bought it la hahaha

At datsumo Labo~ very excited when i saw xiaxue poster hahaha
 This is at their new and super convenient branch at Bugis cube!
Can go there after my bugis shopping trip hahaha



You can find me on instagram too!
My account is @kellykonomi

like always!!

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