Friday, June 27, 2014

[Travelog-Bali] Paradise, it couldn't be more perfect

Hello everyone!!

I'm back from Bali~

I miss my paradise! 
can't wait to go back there again!!


The second day of my bali trip is truly truly amazing. It's so amazing that Keith and I can't stop talking about it!

It started off with a sumptuous breakfast near Seminyak Square.

Remember the "world's best crossiant bakery" that i tried to find the day before?

We finally managed to catch it while it's open!!

 Cheese and ham

It's not the best croissant i've tasted but the ham and cheese are really nice!
The ham is thick and so flavorful! Goes so well with the melted cheese!
 Keith with Chocolate croissant!
Normal but better than most croissant we had cause there's a lot of chocolate inside as compared to most chocolate croissant which we only got 4-5 chips?

 Salted Caramel chocoalte tart!

 The salted caramel tastes super nice!!
but a little too much! 

 We ordered two ice teas as well!
the total bill added up to around SGD$9!


i actually left my wallet in the bakery. I realised it like 30minutes later, went back and the shop assistants kept it in the safe for me!!
they're so nice!!

so after that, we went shopping!

Actually i wanted to walk to another cafe that sells ice cream...

but i couldn't find it..

 Isn't bali's sky beautiful?

Keith and his grumpy face..
reminds me of our trip to hakone! hahaha
he hates walking on streets! especially in very hot/very cold temperature!

nah, kidding..
he just hates walking

So... after again 30minutes walk..
i gave up looking for my ice cream cafe (well raved again according to tripadvisor) and we went back to the villa~

It was so hot we decided to take a dip in our private pool

 but it's cold! hahahaha

We played in pool and watched comedy central for a few hours before rushing to SOS rooftop lounge to enjoy the beautiful view of bali's sunset!

We've been told how beautiful the view will be..
but we never expected it to be so spectacular!

 The view at seminyak beach!

SOS rooftop lounge bar is so so pretty!!

definitely love to come back again!

 At our table, there's a bed for you to lie on while enjoying the view!

 My feet hehe
The view is so pretty from this angle too!

 Complimentary bread
 My frozen margarita
 we only ordered entrees and fries cause we're reserved dinner at another restaurant

 The fries is soo soo nice!!
I finished the whole bowl! hahaha
even though i warned keith not to fill his stomach as we are going for dinner straight after hahaha

 Sun slowly setting~

The coolest part is.. we managed to catch some fireworks (though not shown in photos) during that night!
so pretty~~

OMGGG How can i not fall in love with bali~

The bill for SOS rooftop is around $80++ but it's all worth it for the excellent view!

after that, with our filled stomach, we went to the famous BAMBU RESTAURANT

 again, a super super pretty restaurant!

 Our table is just beside the water hehe

 tiger prawn!
I can't eat prawns but i can't resist to take a bite!
it's delicious~~

 with sambal sauce!

 their famous slow roast duck

and their lamb in date curry

 (water spinach)

BY FAR, the most most most delicious kangkong i've eaten!!
(PS: i'm a huge kangkong fan so i ordered them almost everytime when i see them on the menu, so if i say this is the best... it's seriously the best...)

 Keith prepared a small surprise for me..
i didn't know! cause i was the one planning all the reservation and so i thought he could not pull off any more tricks (cause he loves doing so) for our anniversary!

and i didn't know when but he asked the restaurant to prepare this!

 I love you dear!
Happy 4th year anniversary!!
Can't believe it's 4 years already!
thank you so much for your love and care for the past few years!

and this is truly the best night ever~

paradise for all~


  1. glad to hear that other people from overseas love Bali!(≧∪≦)ノ(i live in indonesia btw)
    I live in indonesia but never visit Bali!。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

    *:・゚✧Adventure of P-Chaaan!!*:・゚✧

  2. You two are such a cute couple~ ^ w ^

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