Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Travelog-Bali] Villa,Massage,Good Food....

Hello everyone!!
Greetings from Bali~~

Keith and I are at Bali enjoying ourselves now!
He's still sleeping so I shall blog now..

I don't understand how someone can sleep more than 12hours a day.. but then again, my dear sister sleeps almost instantly at every free slots of time.. even when she just woke up... =.=

Introducing my villa!
it's so beautiful!

Keith walking towards our villa.

Reaching sooon~~~

and tada~~!

 Pool + Sunbeds + private area + Kichenette

Keith can lie there whole day watching his comedy central and read his property books.

But... i'm not an outdoor person so i rest in the hotel room all the times!
O.O i don't like ants and mozzzy!!

Nevertheless, i'm still able to enjoy the beautiful video of the pool by the huge full length window!

However, there's a demerit to such a beautiful villa~~

It's that...

KEITH doesn't wanna leave the villa at all!!

We ended up ordering room service almost everyday!

Btw, the room service is really cheap and yummy!!
about $2.90 for the mains!

 mee goreng super super super yummy!!

their nasi goreng also super nice!

 keith's kebak thingy~
but mee goreng and nasi goreng is the best hahaha

What's worse is that....

Bali is super a relaxing place that they even provide excellent spa delivery services!
For the first day, we enjoyed a 3hour spa session with Casa Spa Bali!

I read the reviews from tripadvisors and everyone is singing praises of them!
Their prices are super reasonable so we decided to go for it!

 The Casa ladies entering le villa with barang barangs.

They brought waxing tools (keith's underarm waxing) and my hot stones for hot stones massage!

They even bought therapy beds!

We requested to have the massage inside the room~
Cause i don't want mozzy bites haha

it's nice~ so nice~~

We are so tempted to sleep in the villa after that..
but then.....

we will never go out after that~~!!

so nonono~~
showered and we went off to eat good food~

We wanted to look for monsieur spoon for the dubbed best croissant in the world by tripadvisor reviewers...

but... it's closed~! =(

so we decided to look for Wacko burger which is the no.1 restaurant in seminyak (according to tripadvisors)

wacko's chili sauce is nice~

 famous milkshake!
which is super nice!
i don't usually like milky drinks but this is nice!

 keith's double down wagyu beef!

 My cheesy bacon~
with additional sunny side up!

perfectly cooked egg~

it's good burger but definitely not the best i've ever tasted!

okay... i'll go a short swim in the pool now~~

update this blog soon!! =)

*anyway, i just killed a mozzy who is resting on my hand...
i think the needle is stuck there O.O


  1. Hi Kelly, the Villa looks great!may I know what's the name of this villa?thks: )

  2. Wahaha me and le bf just went to wako burger on a bike and I had the same burger as you~ nice right?!

    1. OKAY only leh hun! i think fat boys better hahahaha

      or maybe it's my spacers that's making my teeth hurts! ><,

    2. I like the wacko burger lei first time in my life I finished the WHOLE burger without leaving bread at all, plus adding sour cream in it was awesome. HAHAH!!

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