Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Tutorial] Create double eyelid with eyelid tape

Hello everyone! Today i'm going to do a tutorial on double eyelid tape!!

Which is always always on my or comments!

so here is it~

There are many many different methods and tools you can make you of!

There was a time when I was as crazy about double eyelid tools as to my obsession with eyelashes!

So I bought almost all the double eyelid tools i can find in Singapore, Japan and from China!

Here are some of the items i love using after trying out almost everything!!
( PS: I even bought the latest Mezaik and AB fiber.... =.= not that niceeeee)

SINGLE SIDED DOUBLE EYELID TAPE : Cheapest, easier! Highly recommended for beginners!!
However, if your eyelid is thicker fatter or heavier, they probably won't work as nice as glue or fibers for you!

DOUBLE SIDED EYELID TAPE : Personally, i don't like working with double sided eyelid tape for two reasons! 1) Most of the double sided eyelid tape is not very sticky!! It loses its stickiness after long hours of usage or even after you tried adjusting them!
2) To conceal is nicely, you need to trim before applying! Otherwise, there will be ends at the front and back which look really weird!
Neverthless, there's many girls who created beautiful looking double eyelid with d-up!

FIBERS : Great for people with heavy eyelid or wish to achieve deeper crease. However, it's harder to use!!

GLUE : Great for people with heavy eyelid as well! However, it can get a little messy!!
TIP : For people with heavy eyelids, you can try to combine glue and double eyelid tape! GLUE on the area you want to paste and then paste the eyelid tape when it's dried!

NIGHT GLUE : My Holy grail! You apply them at night and in the morning you'll have slightly more visible double eyelids. Note : Only slightly more visible, tried to make higher crease but failed!! 

*PS: The above comments are based on my own eyelids and also some of the girls' eyelid i worked with during makeover events!*

There's pros and cons for every one of them! However, practice makes perfect!
Trial and error! find one that suits your eyelid best!!

Having said that... I'll start with single sided double eyelid tape and the position i use to create various looks! You can also use the same position with fibers/glue/double sided as well!

First, we will start with my USUAL position!


Next is actually how my eyelid will look like if i didn't put double eyelid tape!


But since a lot of girls requested for natural looking double eyelids, i'll upload them as well!

Next, is another type of tapered but wider on the ends!

* Use lashes that are thicker on the ends!

- Use glue on the ends that "fly" out/ do not stick well
- If double eyelid failed to form or it flip out after a while, use a glue before pasting your tape!
- Blend well with eyeshadow so it won't be so obvious! *sorry i didn't put eyeshadows on my photos*

Which shape do you like best?


  1. you have such gorgeous eyes!!!! thanks for this post!!!! =)

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  3. Love this post!! I've tried a ton of methods trying to achieve double eyelid's, eyelid tape was probably the top contender.. but my eyelids were far too oily T_T

  4. Now this is interesting never new it was so many way to get different looks. Cool. :D

  5. this is awesome :) I love the wide tapered shape best. I am a huge fan of microfiber tape since I love how Sayoko changes her eyeshape to create the really high crease (I love her makeup look so much) but its quite tricky to use and I do not have the patience for it :s I have normal eyefolds but I really like the high crease shape like Sayoko's

  6. What Night Glue do you use? =)

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  8. How do i apply if only one side is sticky?


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