Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[AD] Freedom to be yourself #OOTD , featuring Adore Comfort all Days

Hello everyone!!

I'm going to share a few of my favourite OOTDS today!

I love sweet, kawaii and everything nice!

I don't like black, cool or mode style.

Thus, you'll probably find my wardrobe full of pastel, white and a lot of dresses...

However, those clothes are a big big big NO NO during period.

During menstruation period, i will most likely be camping at home with pain...
however, during the times that i have have to leave house..

grrrr... and i would have to worry about staining or that thick pad revealing when choosing outfits =3=

Due to that lack of confidence, i will have to confine my style to black, baggy clothes... T.T

That makes going out during period really annoying (on top of PMS, i've got to wear something i don't like out!! )

BUT on a happier note, i found my solution 5 months ago when ADORE is introduced to me!
As i've mentioned earlier, ADORE is ultra slim and it has a leak proof layer!

This enables to me wear what i love on my worrisome days!
 Which makes my annoying period a little more enjoyable to me hahaha

so without further ado, i shall show you three sets of OOTDS i could now wear during my period! haha

yes playsuits!!
I'm not sure why but i love playsuit! It easiest to coordinate as it's already coordinated! One set and you're ready to go out for a shopping date!

Previously, i would never wear playsuits during my period cause it's hard to remove the playsuit when you visit the toilet!
During period, I would have to visit the female frequently to check for leakage.
However, with my trustworthy ADORE i'm less paranoid and thus less visits to the loo!

AND THEREFORE, i've got to put on playsuit!

 Most of the dresses and skirts in my wardrobe is white!YES, white white white!
I love white in my OOTD! White can be pure, sweet and sometimes cool as well!
Everything goes well with white! It makes your OOTD looks clean and neat!

However, it can only do so if the white dresses are CLEAN!!
therefore, to protect my precious white dresses, i don't wear them out during periods!

 Now with the leak proof ADORE, I won't need to worry about staining the white dress no more!

 Another type of apparels that i would normally avoid during period is....
tight bottoms!

However, pencil skirts are always in trend and they give curves to your figure!! every girl should have a tight hugging pencil skirt in case you need to boost your feminine confidence one day!

With ADORE being ultra thin, you need not worry about the pad revealing at all =)

ADORE だいすき has been awarded WINNER Of Best Selling PREMIUM Sanitary Napkins Of The Year 2014 (Watsons HWB – Health Wellness Beauty) Award for the 2nd consecutive Year (2013 & again in 2014). If you haven’t tried it you really should!

To me, fashion is enjoyment!
Wearing nice dresses make me confident and happy! 
All girls should have freedom to choose what they wanna wear daily! Whether it's period, size , age or what other people commented... non of these factors should limit you to wearing something that won't make you feel happier and more confidence!

Enjoy fashion! 
Enjoy the freedom to be yourself!



Benefits of ADORE Comfort All Days 

 a combo pack of 13s which was developed as an All-In-One convenience for anyone for the go.

 1 pack can last them through an entire period. 

All the 3 variants (Day, Night, Lite Flow) are made with the extra softness (comfort), high absorbency (cleaner, fresher, drier) and leak-proof base (no leakage), not forgetting the Green Compound Strip breakthrough technology that inhibits bacterial growth, promoting freshness and improves feminine hygiene.

Prices: ACTIVE DAYS ($5.85), DREAMY  NIGHTS ($4.65), DAILY FRESHNESS ($5.30) & COMFORT ALL DAYS ($4.90)
Where to buy: WATSONS, GIANT, SHENG SIONG & Selected Minimarts Islandwide


  1. Lovely outfits! :)
    Great examples. Haha I understand what you mean, I've often had to be more careful dressing during that time of the month lol.

    1. YES YES!! I always unconsciously glance at the back of my skirt every time i stand up!!
      machiam letting people know i'm having periods hahaha


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