Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Hair : Going red

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late updates!!

Recently, I went back to Headlines to change my colour and also to pamper them with hair treatment hehe..

yes, my hair is officially red!

So it started off with my hair looking very dry on the ends and yellow...

 eeek! those ends!

i was pretty sure i wanted to go dark colours but i'm not sure if i would want a reddish tone or ashy tone..

after much thoughts, i've decided to go with red.
since red can tone down my super yellow skin hahha

luckily, headlines has got new red series~

if you tried red before, you would know that it fades really fast!!

Ultra-HD5 technology helps to lock the color in vividly and has a longer lasting impact!
longer lasting = less i need to touch up = healthier hair~! 

chose to go in between this two colours.

to be honest, i hardly do red toned hair..
so i was a little apprehensive...

seeing how red my hair dye was freaked me out a little...

will i end up looking like a carrot?

fortunately, it turned out really nice!!
i guess i'm in love with red!

 hair above had been pampered with MUCOTA hair treatment~
seeeeee my smooth and manageable ends!

love how smooth my hair gets whenever i had mucota treatment.
for super super super dry and damaged hair like mine, its effect is able to last for 2 weeks!
sometimes 3 weeks or more, if i didn't dye my hair that month!

*sorry i didn't take a lot of photos on that day as i didn't put foundation and many other makeup.. hahaha*

here's two washes after the treatment day:

 still looking super super smooth!
it's so smooth, i just left them to dry on their own!
and they still look very smooth!

the 3 days after:

red still very red even though i washed my hair daily hehe

and even when i curled my ends, they didn't look as dry as before!

it has been two weeks now and my hair is still red!
like what the ultra hd5 said, the red is more long lasting!
18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central.
Telephone: +65 6221 6866
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays - 1030am to 830pm
Saturdays - 1030am to 7pm
Sundays & Public Holiday - 1030am to 5pm

PS: Jerry is off every tuesday!

pardon my duck and awkward face, i'm still trying to find back my smile ='(


  1. Wah, looks very nice! :D
    Hmm, actually I think a lot of colours suit you lo! Always see you with new hair colours all the time hehe

    1. thank you!!

      yes i love changing colours but hor..... need to restrain a little bit.. if not my hair gonna get dry and crispy again hahaha

      anyway, just wanna say...
      i think....

      you're doing great! no need to compare with others and feel inferior by those social media stats! I love your style and your blog so no matter if you're a famous influencer or a nobody (which you're not), i'm still going to support you~ hehe

  2. Love the new colour, it suits you well. ^__^

  3. is it just me or do you have braces now o-o

    1. yes i do have braces now! =) hahaha

      omg your eyes are sharp!

  4. sooo pretty :D I love the colour! and high five on joining the braces club :P {{actually..i got them taken off 9 years ago but...:D }}

    1. thank you!!

      oh that's so goooood~~~ I'm suffering with braces! can't wait to remove them!! >.<


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