Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Photoshoot] Picnic with teddy bear at Saddle Club

Hi everyone!!

Going to spam my blog with photos we took in Saddle Club a few weeks ago!

Meet Brownie~~
My 160cm teddy bear that keith got for me!

He's so cute and fluffy! I love him a lot! hehe

so much that i insisted to have a whole photoshoot for him/with him.

Fortunately, boon eng from kyudotsg kindly agreed with my childish request and there you go~

My picnic with brownie!

It's freaking hot that day !!
I was perspiring crazily! 
(which i'm pretty sure you can notice from some the photos)

My makeup was ruined by the end of the shoot but... it's all worth it since there's photos that i love!
plus kyudotsg helped me with his awesome editing skills~


Recently, a few girls emailed me regarding the photoshoot with kyudotsg..
You can email kyudotsg directly for a shoot!
no need to go through me!
I'm not the mama-san hahaha

However, if you want to be dolled up by me for the photoshoot, please mention it to either me or kyudotsg k! I will try to work out something!



  1. Uwaa--! Kuma daikazoku! This set of photos are just so so cute! <3

    1. yes!! hahaha i'm going to buy more bears =) hehe

  2. U look more natural & happier in this photoshoot!
    Good job!

  3. Uwaa you can be a model already, super cute! >w<

    1. thanks sweetie!!

      actually you should go for a shoot with him, i think it will turn out super super cute!

  4. OMG so cute! You cutie!
    They're all so cute, but I love the 3rd one and the 4th&5th from last best!

    1. you're the cutest!!

      if you're in singapore, i will definitely pull you to kyudotsg and ask them to shoot for you!! cause i want to keep your set of photos! hahaha

    2. Omg you're too kind! Making me melt with your sweet words
      I must plan a trip to Singapore one day, and we must go on a ka-ka-kawaii coffe date!

    3. Please come!! =)))

      I'm visiting japan and korea in oct this year! =D we can meet up if you're free!

  5. You look really adorable on all the pictures! <3

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