Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Review] Daiso Brown Mix Lash Review

Hello everyone!!

It had been long since i've last posted a lash review!!

Today i'm going to review about DAISO LASHES cause i went shopping today and saw their new BROWN MIX lashes!

DAISO is following the lash trend and is producing their own brown lashes!

Look at the lovely packaging!
How can i resist not buy them home??

I only saw three styles in the shop so i bought them all.

First, we have Brown MIX Lovely Dolly Style.

No. 5 Lovely Dolly Style

Unlike most Daiso lashes, this series has got transparent bands.

It's mentioned on the packaging that this series is handmade! *do you know that Dolly Wink is Handmade in vietnam?*

so immediately i linked up handmade with GOOD QUALITY~

At first glance, even though the packaging clearly says that it's BROWN MIX.. i couldn't see the brown colour in it...
it looks slightly lighter than normal black lashes but... hmmm...
i will explain with pictures later..

 *creepy eye photo*


Unfortunately, this lash design (pointy pointy) was never my favourite...

Next set, we have NO.1 Angel style~

Clearly those kind that are heavier on the ends, great for tare (droopy eye) makeup.

lol! see how droopy it gets!

Next, a more natural looking design in this series.

No.4 Dolly Style

 Among all, i like this design best cause it looks lighter and more natural.

Although it doesn't look very natural when worn, it doesn't look toooooo exaggerating either.. 

So which one is your favourite?

Mine is ranked as above...
No.4 Dolly style > No. 1 Angel style > No.5 Lovely Dolly Style

Conclusion : 

Comfort : ★★★
Even though it's soft spine, it's not very comfortable. It's harder and less flexible as compared to Dolly Wink and diamond lash. Nevertheless, it's still tolerable.. just that you will constantly feel that you're wearing falsies~ I don't mind though =)

Design : ★★
OH wells..... Not a big fan of any of the designs. Though No.4 Dolly Style looks quite nice in photo but i find it plain. It doesn't enhance length or width of the eyes. It just defines the eyes generally. If you're looking for a simple pair of lashes for photoshoot or date, i would say... go for it =) You might even consider layering in the middle to create a rounder eye illusion. 

No.1 Angel style is the typical tare eye lashes which is unfortunately not my type of lashes now... but considering the price and the similarity in design with *ahem* many brands, you can try this lash out if you like tare eye make!

No.5 Lovely Dolly Style my least favourite. I'm biased, i just don't like this style personally.

And yep, regarding the "brown"(?) mix....

Daiso brown mix doesn't look brown at all!
Eyemazing is the lightest among these 4, second comes dolly wink limited edition.
Diamond lash almond eye should be the closest to daiso brown mix as almond eye is also a mix of black and brown. However, daiso lashes still look darker and more like black.
it's lighter than black though!

Price : ★★★★★
Well not as cheap as china/taobao/taiwan lashes (around 5 pairs for $8~11) but cheaper than many japanese brands!
However, in terms of quality, i feel that some china/taobao/taiwan lashes have got better quality! =)

Suitable for :
Not so picky falsies user

Great for single eyelid girls whose eyelid can be formed by hard bands! =)
(eg : scroll down to the bottom of this post -> LINK HERE)

People who are looking for lashes to wear urgently (ie when your boyfriend suddenly asked you out and you didn't bring any makeup... and don't wish to spend a lot buying lashes)

Beginners who wanna try transparent bands but wanna practice first =)



  1. so many false lash brands out there now! haha :D but I tend to stick with D.U.P and Dolly Wink ^^

  2. The color really not brown.
    I wanna try daiso eelashes, too bad Daiso in Indonesia doesn't have makeup stuff :(


  3. This lashes are so great! I especially like the lovely dolly style :3 I wanna try (>w<)
    And I love your circle lenses *^*

  4. I bought a pair and tried them on and they looked horrible on me. They do look great on you though!

    Heba xx || The HebaBloglovinInstagram


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