Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[Sponsored Ad] Sweet dreams with ADORE Dreamy Nights

Hello everyone!!

yes, it's the time of the month again...
for ADORE review!

Today I'm going to review on ADORE'S Dreamy Nights!

ADORE Dreamy Nights is 33cm and has a breathable leak proof layer which prevents backflow and side leakage!

Leakage has always been A NIGHTMARE for me.

I always had so much pain during periods and I really dreaded waking up in the morning to see stained sheet....

Have to clean up the pants and bedsheets even with the menstruation pain!

All i wanted is a good night sleep and no worries about what i might see tomorrow's morning!

Before trying out ADORE, I used two methods to prevent leakage.

First : Using super super thick and long pads that i brought from japan!
It's so thick that it looks like diapers!
I definitely can't wear them out on stayovers, else i would look like i'm wearing adult diapers

Second method : Using night pad and use 2-3 panty liners to "lengthen" them.
But it's not very cost effective!

As for Adore Dreamy Nights, it is super absorbent and has a leak proof base which allows you to sleep through the night with no worries at all!

It is also ultra slim as compared to other brands' night wear sanitary pads!
Definitely the type of sanitary pads i would choose!

Like all sanitary pads from Adore, Dreamy Nights also has the signature green compound strip that inhibit bacteria growth, promotes freshness and improve feminine hygiene.

What i love most about Adore's sanitary pads is their non-bleached cotton which is so soft to the skin! No more itchiness! More breathless pad! 

Love it!

Sweet and comfortable nights with Adore~

Prices: ACTIVE DAYS ($5.85), DREAMY  NIGHTS ($4.65), DAILY FRESHNESS ($5.30) & COMFORT ALL DAYS ($4.90)
Where to buy: WATSONS, GIANT, SHENG SIONG & Selected Minimarts Islandwide

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  1. I have never heard of this brand. i wonder if we have it in Indonesia :) Thanks for sharing.



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