Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mini Mini Mini Post

Hello everyone!!

Today's mini blog post is about MINI products!!

I love and absolutely need products that are in mini size cause I'm super KIASU (afraid to lose) kinda of person.


I always overpack since young. I still remember during my primary school days, my bag was so big and heavy that my principal pitied me and carried my bag for me.. haha. cause i used to bring all the textbooks to school worrying that my teacher will need a book that is not in the timetable.. haha

and when i go overseas, my luggage always always weigh around the luggage weight limit when i depart. (if i'm rich, i would be like rachel zoe.. i will bring 5 luggage full of clothes with me haha)

Cause i am afraid i might need something i don't need. 

SO.... whenever i see MINI version of a product i love.. i will buy them!
And after a while, they become something i collect.

Here's the mini size perfume of my usual perfumes!
I usually put one into my makeup pouch (not because my pouch is stinky but because i might need it)

and when i travel overseas, i bring them all!!
Different perfume for different outfits haha

They look super cute with their "Mama" haha

Second item i'm always always elated to have is mini size hair spray!!

I can't tell you how much i can't live without this!

Just put them into your bag, whenever you have strand ends you just need to spray on them!

Also, in this humid weather, you definitely need them to keep your curls!
with hair spray, even the rain won't straighten out your curls!

Also, i love collecting mini eyelash glue that comes with eyelash set! hahaha

i will drop at least one in each bag.. so just in case, one day i need a eyelash glue i won't need to buy one from shop.

So, here's my top 3 mini products i can't live without!
Do you have mini products you can't live without too?

In case you're wondering why i'm talking about "mini" products...

it's because i'm thrilled about a product launch from ADORE (my favourite sanitary pad brand) and .... the theme is..... *hint hint*


it's coming out soon! I can't wait!!

I'm a big supporter of ADORE because it's by far the most comfortable pad i've ever worn! Plus, it has high absorbency and leak-proof base (no leakage), not forgetting the Green Compound Strip breakthrough technology that inhibits bacterial growth, promoting freshness and improves feminine hygiene.

If you are new to ADORE, you can read more about them on my previous reviews! 


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