Saturday, September 13, 2014

[Announcement] Appearing in MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON festival 2014

Hello guys!

How are you doing?

I've got an announcement to make!

yes, just like the title...

i'll be appearing in Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival 2014!

Together to with the super kawaii Eva and other foreign models that i've yet met.

It's held on 28th September at Tokyo Taiikukan!

And.. if you're travelling to Japan/foreigner residing in tokyo, you will get free entrance pass + food coupon !! woohooot~~~

Hope that you're travelling to Japan during that period~~ >.< 

Other than eva and me, there are other models as well!

So cute right!

Do you know any of them?

or are you one of them?

KYAAA~ Hope to make lotsa friends~~
you know i can't resist the companion of kawaii girls hahaha
(sounds so wrong)


Do spread the news!
The festival seems like lotsa fun!
So if you or your friends are travelling to tokyo during that period, don't miss the event!


Friday, September 5, 2014

[AD] Asian Skin Solutions

Hi everyone!!

Today I'll be doing a review on Asian Skin Solution's Skin treatment!
YEAH~! Working hard towards flawless skin!

So, my current skin concerns...
Well, they've been my ongoing skin concerns since a long while ago...
Except for acnes, i only started having them when i reached 20s. =(

According to my consultation at Asian Skin Solutions, it's said that Asians are sensitive, dehydrated and more prone to acnes!!



Which means, even if i want to put a lot of lotion and moisturisers on my face, i still have to worry about my sensitive skin issues all the time! 

But i'm glad to hear that Asian Skin Solutions (like the name suggests) targets all the troubles of asian skin! All their products are water based (great for sensitive skin) and provides ample hydration to the skin!

Asian Skin Solutions, specializes in Asian Skin, and targets common skin problems faced by Asians, such as acne, pigmentation and large pores.

 They can effectively solve any Asian skin problem for both males and females!

So, let's begin the consultation!

They uses high technology to measure different aspects of your skin!
Allowing you to understand your skin better and DEEPER (literally)

 Moisturise, elasticity and oil

(the recommended moisture level is 70 but i've only got 42!)

 Roughness and pores!
Yippeee~~ Mine is low! heehe


URGHH, not very good =(

not fantastic as well!

 Although LOW, i've already developed some fine wrinkles around my eyes!

Need to put more eye cream!!

After these series of tests, i'm super worried about how my skin will look in a few years time!

Fortunately, my specialist gave me many good advices to follow through for better skin!

Not only that, she also customised my facial treatments to cater to my needs!


Then after the consultation, we headed for our treatment session!

The treatment customized for me was the Repairing Collagen+ Skin Treatment which included all of these benefits:
·       Repair damaged skin cells due to prolonged sun exposure and improper skin care
·       Promote skin cell renewal, reduce visibility of scars and redness
·       Reduce signs of aging such as visible wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin texture
·       Aids in lightening pigmentation
·       Provide hydration to maintain skin moisture levels
·       Firmer and smoother skin texture

What is unique about Asian Skin Solution’s customized treatments is that all skin treatments are targeted to help in repairing of skin condition and not only fight against skin problem, but to promote healthy cell growth within for longer and lasting healthy skin!

Here are the treatment steps in detail:
1.    Double cleansing: remove makeup, dirt accumulated on skin surface
2.    Aqua-moisture mask with softening essence treatment: To soften hard-to-rid stubborn and clogged pores for better absorption of nutrients and deep-cleansing of pores.
3.    Gentle extraction (if needed, depends on skin condition)
It's really gentle! I had painful extraction before, those that will leave you tearing and fear for your next visit! However, this time round I can still comfortably chat with my beautician haha. 

4.    Collagen+ Essence Repairing Treatment with Repairing device: coupled with the use of the repairing device, collagen is penetrated deep into inner layers of skin to promote repair of damaged skin cells
It's so cooling and comfortable, you just feel like sleeping~

5.    Pressure point; Shoulder Massage Therapy
Gentle pressure point massage to relax your stiff shoulders and further drift you to lalaland.

6.    Soothing Eye Rejuvenation Treatment
7.    Collagen+ Double-Action Treatment Mask :  This treatment mask locks in 2 key components for your skin – Cucumber and collagen. Cucumber extracts helps to calm the redness and sensitive skin while providing hydration for the suppleness in the skin. Collagen aids in repairing damaged skin, helping to heal the acne faster, lighten scars and pigmentation, and not forgetting the anti-ageing properties to reduce visible fine lines!  
The mask is thick and moist (but not sticky) that you feel like all the mositure is absorbing into your skin! Also the cooling sensation of the cucumber mask helps to reduce reddness.

I emphasized that the Collagen + Essence repair treatment is super amazing!!
and this is why!!

 I did my LEFT side!
Can you tell all the difference i've noticed?

then i'll have smaller and more lifted face!

I love the results!!

My blackhead are cleared (No more strawberry nose!) and my skin feels moisturised even after long hours of bus ride sitting directly under the air conditioner!

Most importantly, skin feels so youthful and smooth!

 They also given me some skin products to use!

Pore Refining Lotion

The nemesis of enlarged pores, Asian Skin Solution’s pore refining lotion contains natural Vitamin B5 and Green Tea extracts to minimize and refine enlarged pores without traumatizing or stripping your skin of its moisture. This lotion is absorbed quickly by your skin and leaving a slight tinge of refreshing smell to let you feel invigorated! 

Light Texture Moisturiser

This lightweight moisturiser is so refreshing and finely textured it gets absorbed quickly into the skin for maximum hydration at all times! Specially formulated for dull and sensitive skin, add some natural radiance and vitality back to your skin!  
 And yes, they are water based as well!
It absorbs into the skin really fast!

I've been using them for a week!
No irritation nor new acnes! heheh

Improve your skin condition today – simply answer a question correctly to enjoy the new Collagen+ Skin Treatment + Eye Revival Treatment (worth $248) absolutely FREE!
All these only for the first 20 readers!

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Oh! Did i forget to mention that they are the proud presenter of Star Awards 2014? ^u^

Don't be hesitant, try it to feel the difference yourself!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[Review] Dolly Wink No. 21 : Secret Girl *NEW*

Hello everyone!
I'm going to do a review on the latest lashes from DOLLY WINK!!

omg! it just keeps getting better!!

Together with Dollywink No.21, they have 3 more new lashes!!

The new lashes look super natural!
They all look like eyelash extension (which is in trend in Japan!)
I'll review on the other lashes soon!

But first, I'll review on No.21 Secret Girl since i'm crazy for lower lashes!

(taken from Dolly Wink Website)

Putting them on!
They look really fine and natural! 

They are perfect for the brown and natural looking eyemakeup!

I really love this pair!

Unless you stare really closely, you probably won't notice that i'm wearing fake lower eyelashes!
Yet, they add width to my eyes!

No.5 Real Nude used to be my NO.1 choice for natural looking makeup but...

No.21 Secret Girl just raised the bar!

Let's look at the comparison!

As you can see Dollywink No.21 has got more strands and they are noticeably finer (=natural looking)!

Astonishing right!!
I used to think that no other brand would be able to create a more natural looking lower eyelashes than Dollywink No.5! But i was wrong!! Tsubasa is and always will be a genius in making fake eyelashes! They just get keep getting better!

looking forward to her future releases !! *forever fan*


Wearing them on!

So if you like super natural looking, get no.21!
If you like natural looking yet super dolly looking, get no.5!
Both are great!
But right now, i like natural looking lower lashes better so No.21 for me!!

Will you buy them?

*PS: I heard from Dollywink SG that the new lashes are coming in soon!! OMG!*

Monday, September 1, 2014

[Shopping] Plaza @ Cosme

Hello everyone!!

Recently, i've received a question on my asking where to buy cosmetics in Singapore.

well.. you can find a lot of japanese drug store brands in Watsons and SASA which is available in almost all shopping malls..

In addition, you can find unique or should i say.. not so well known in Singapore brands in selected shops as well!

Today i'm going to introduce one place that i happen to find this afternoon!

It's at Tanjong Pagar 100am 

I'm surprised by the number of brands they brought in from Japan!!

Yes, ISM!!!
If you're stalker of japanese gyaru models (i used to be), you will notice that a lot of them went to ISM salon. The awesome thing i noticed about this salon is that... no matter how many times their models bleached, permed, dyed their hair, their hair still looks smooth and silky!!

ISM came out with their own haircare brand and i'm really thrilled to see ISM in plaza@cosme!

but i didn't buy cause it would be too heavy to carry home hahaha.

 Next haircare brand that i'm thrilled about is LORETTA!!
LORETTA appears on MANY MANY beauty magazine!

it's always highly recommended by japanese hairstylists and editors..

I tried the testers on shelf.
It smells really nice, however i can't really tell their effects cause i've already applied wax on my hair.. =3=

 btw their packaging is super cute!

Plaza@Cosme also carries many body care, facial, makeup products!

I felt as though i'm back in Japanese pharmacy stores where there's always something interesting every corner!

So, if you're around tanjong pagar, do remember to drop by 100am to have a mini japanese drug store experience hahaha.

Hopefully they can carry in more brands and the "mini" experience would be upgraded to "THE REAL DRUGSTORE experience" hahaha

And in the end, i bought three products!

Hopefully i will get to review them soon!



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