Saturday, September 13, 2014

[Announcement] Appearing in MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON festival 2014

Hello guys!

How are you doing?

I've got an announcement to make!

yes, just like the title...

i'll be appearing in Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival 2014!

Together to with the super kawaii Eva and other foreign models that i've yet met.

It's held on 28th September at Tokyo Taiikukan!

And.. if you're travelling to Japan/foreigner residing in tokyo, you will get free entrance pass + food coupon !! woohooot~~~

Hope that you're travelling to Japan during that period~~ >.< 

Other than eva and me, there are other models as well!

So cute right!

Do you know any of them?

or are you one of them?

KYAAA~ Hope to make lotsa friends~~
you know i can't resist the companion of kawaii girls hahaha
(sounds so wrong)


Do spread the news!
The festival seems like lotsa fun!
So if you or your friends are travelling to tokyo during that period, don't miss the event!



  1. Ohh how exciting! ^ ^
    I hope that Kelly has lots and lots of fun! ^ - ^
    I wish I could go! ^ w ^

  2. I'll be travelling to japan on that period!! Will surely register! And hope to see u ;)

    1. Sorry for the late reply!!

      Did you go for the event?

  3. HiHi Kelly:),
    just asking, would it be possible for you to help me buy something from Japan?I could transfer you the money and the handling fee:)

    1. Did you ask me on

      Sorry I didn't receive your email when I was in japan.

  4. That's so awesome! They contacted you to participate or is it you who asked for? I'm a bit curious, because that's really amazing they got a lot of world models! Thank you!

    1. Hi hi.

      Haha I didn't ask for it but I worked with them a couple of times before so I guess it's easier to contact me ba :)

      I think they contacted most of the models personally too! Paid assignment with sponsored flight and accommodation.


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