Monday, September 1, 2014

[Shopping] Plaza @ Cosme

Hello everyone!!

Recently, i've received a question on my asking where to buy cosmetics in Singapore.

well.. you can find a lot of japanese drug store brands in Watsons and SASA which is available in almost all shopping malls..

In addition, you can find unique or should i say.. not so well known in Singapore brands in selected shops as well!

Today i'm going to introduce one place that i happen to find this afternoon!

It's at Tanjong Pagar 100am 

I'm surprised by the number of brands they brought in from Japan!!

Yes, ISM!!!
If you're stalker of japanese gyaru models (i used to be), you will notice that a lot of them went to ISM salon. The awesome thing i noticed about this salon is that... no matter how many times their models bleached, permed, dyed their hair, their hair still looks smooth and silky!!

ISM came out with their own haircare brand and i'm really thrilled to see ISM in plaza@cosme!

but i didn't buy cause it would be too heavy to carry home hahaha.

 Next haircare brand that i'm thrilled about is LORETTA!!
LORETTA appears on MANY MANY beauty magazine!

it's always highly recommended by japanese hairstylists and editors..

I tried the testers on shelf.
It smells really nice, however i can't really tell their effects cause i've already applied wax on my hair.. =3=

 btw their packaging is super cute!

Plaza@Cosme also carries many body care, facial, makeup products!

I felt as though i'm back in Japanese pharmacy stores where there's always something interesting every corner!

So, if you're around tanjong pagar, do remember to drop by 100am to have a mini japanese drug store experience hahaha.

Hopefully they can carry in more brands and the "mini" experience would be upgraded to "THE REAL DRUGSTORE experience" hahaha

And in the end, i bought three products!

Hopefully i will get to review them soon!



  1. Ohh I would love to go shopping in this store teehee! ^ __ ^

    1. i would love to go shopping with you in this store... teeeeeheeeeheeee! =)


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