Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Braces Journey 01

Hello everyone!!

I guess most of you would have know by now...

and yep...

I've embarked on my journey to straighter teeth!

Super super happy choosing this path.

Even though initially i started this journey cause of some nasty comments online...


but i'm glad i followed their suggestions hahaha

I believe part of them really meant for my good... part of them are just purely nasty

Here are some photos of WHY I DON'T LIKE MY TEETH

Other than my horrendous double chin, i hate my teeth the most...
like protruding too much!!

I often get comments like...
i think you look nicer when you don't talk at all...

oh wells.... one of the reasons might be because I talk a lot of rubbish and i think that totally spoil my image...
the other reasons... i believe is my teeth

And even the artist in Korea managed to capture my UNIQUENESS
one tooth

I've decided...
i really don't want the candid photos of my wedding photo to look like these...
so i NEED to get my teeth done!

(and diet to get rid of my double chin of course)

My teeth
I always thought i've got overbite cause it looks like it in the photos...

but... after consulting different dentists, they concluded that i've got no overbite.. it's just that my lower row of teeth hides toooooo inside...


i wanted to do braces for overbite but end up correcting something different..
initially i wanted my lower row to stay as it is... but....
ends up, they are the ones that requires most help

i chose CERAMIC braces as i'm vain.

also, my lower row was too messy for invisalign plus they are really expensive!! >.<

Ceramic costs about $5500. I paid $2200 up front and the rest will be by installment (every visit $150)

I don't need to extract any tooth
which is a sad news to me cause i heard most people slimmed down their face a lot cause they plucked out teeth... 


put in spacers straight after consultation as i don't wanna wait any longer!

Worst timing everrr~~~
Cause on the following day, we went to bali to feast!

a week after my bali trip, i went back to the dentist to get my braces!!

 Bleeding after cleaning >.<
URGHHH i hate cleaning

and tada~~!!


and miracle happened...
one day after having them on....
my upper row straighten up!!

as compared to...

i didn't expect it to be soooo fast!!

and then i started to bear hope that i will be able to remove my braces within 6 months~

totally forgot that my bottom row is reallly really stubborn

totally no change in the first month hahaha

and currently, on my 4th month....

 The bottom row straightens up!

JIAYOU!! faster faster!!

upper row still super duper straight

and right now..
though i don't feel any changes to my face shape.
my side profile is less "overbite" cause my lower row comes out~

that's all for the my braces update!!
Next time i wanna put coloured ligatures hehehe

btw, in case you're wondering why sometimes my braces is white..
it's because i coated them white so they blend better!

coloured them white for the event! hehe
can't tell from here


  1. I got braces too when I was younger :P I had to get 4 teeth removed because my baby teeth hadn't all come out yet...

  2. wow we see an improvement kelly.. It will look a LOT better with time.. Yay.. well done.. you'll look gorgeous in your wedding photos :)

  3. Great journey ^^

    My best friend had her braces in for I think 5 month now, also going through some minor changes ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. I heard that invsalign is much comfortable than braces, and i also heard that by putting braces will make you slim down, coz can hardly eat anything.
    How much did you do for the braces.
    I might wanna get mine done too.

  5. When are u updating ur korea trip? ☺️

  6. Hi there Kelly! Great post, it's been awhile!!! Btw I've nominated you for the "Blogger Recognition Award". Being quite similar to the Liebster Award, I hope you enjoy doing it! Keep the wonderful posts comin'! =) - Here's the link to it:

  7. So, how do your braces look now? I'm very excited to see results of your braces because we have the same set of teeth.

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  9. Wow great experience, I have braces with my orthodontist and have had them for about a year. It doesn't hurt at all.

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