Sunday, May 3, 2015

[travel] Eating in Taipei


Hello everyone!

I just came back from Taipei and am seriously missing the food there!

especially after looking through all the photos in this blog post haha

We stayed in Taipei for almost 2 weeks and....
we're proud to say.....

we ate a lot!

We didn't go to their tourist attractions (already been there on my first trip) , therefore we had more time to look around for good food.

Most of the times, we hopped onto a taxi and asked the taxi where he would recommend..
taxi drivers always know where the good food are.


Here's some of our favourites:


This lu-wei store at the entrance of Shida Night market

 we love their flavors sooo much, we went back multiple times hahaha

 It's something like our YONG TAU FOO.
you will have to choose what you want in your bowl and pass to the guy, they will cook it for you.

however, they've got more variety of ingredients for you too choose and also the sauce they use is sooo yummy!

 sprinkled with spring onions and a lot of prickled vege~!

super super love!

They've got duck blood curd (not sure if that's the name for it)

I love duck blood curd for it's springy and jelly like texture hehehe


君悦排骨 Jun Yue Pai Gu

This store is pretty near where we stay so we decided to try it!

omg.. it tasted sooooo yummy!!

best best best pork ribs we've ever tasted!

 the pork ribs are well seasoned, crispy on the outside and juicy inside~~
i wanna go back now 

tender and yummy!

it came in a rice set like this!

a lot of vege!

 there's prickled vege (yes, i love prickled vege), tofu, minced meat, cabbages and other greens...
lol.. it's so packed with flavors you don't really need to eat with the pork ribs..
the pork ribs is heavenly and just bring the meal to a whole new level

the first time we tried JUNYE was because it was late when we arrived at our place so keith went down to pack dinner.

even though by the time we had dinner, the rice and pork ribs were already cold...
it's still sooo yummy!
the flavors were still there and the pork ribs were so tender .. (even though the rice is hard to bite)

we went down again to eat it the next day.
yes, piping hot~
and it's sooooooooo yummy~~~


Formosa Chang
the famous HU XU ZHANG

Ah keith's fav.
he actually bought 9 packets of packet RU LUO sauce home. hahah

it's tad oily for me but it's still yummy!
the only sin here... is not eating it..

and yes, i gained a couple of kilograms from this trip hahaha


LIN DONG FANG beef noodles

it was raining that day when we tried Lin Dong Fang and this was recommended by one of the taxi drivers
one of his fav spot for beef noodles~

tiny tiny shop in the alley~

lol i think normally gems are hidden in small alley lo

the taxi driver said that they boiled down the beef essence/bone etc for the whole day...
so the soup is packed with intense flavor!

 beef and tendon noodle bowl

 honestly, i don't like their noodles~~~
it's tooo springy in my opinion.

i like noodles that are cooked until very very soft hahaha

 but their beef and tendons were really soft and flavorful!

their clear broth that has a slight herbal taste but it's soooooo delicious!


Nola Kitchen

 their signature chicken and waffles~

i love love love their chicken~~

 crispy yet juicy~

their waffles are soft and they are pretty generous with their maple syrup hahaha

hmm... i don't remember what...
but not as nice as the chicken hehehe~

order their chicken when you're there~


Ya Rou Bian

another restaurant recommended by the taxi drivers hehe

even though it's YA ROU bian, they don't sell duck but instead they sell goose

photo speaks a thousand words

yet again, i don't like their springy noodles~~~

but their goose meat is nice~ <3 p="">

and some interesting food we tried...

 grilled mochi at Ximending

 chocolate and condensed milk...

prince skinless fried potato~

a more traditional breakfast i guess?

 Rice dumpling




i miss taipei's food~
i wanna go back again~

but first i will need to exercise a lose some pockets of fats before filling them up in taipei again 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[AD] New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink

Hey girls!

I'm here to update on a fun blog engagement i've been participating in since last year! 

I can't wait to share it with you all!

So last year, I was invited by Nuffnang to be part of this campaign for a collagen drink.

The unique part of this campaign is that i'm going to be part of the Research & Development of this product!

hahaha! Like a little scientist~ 

*not exactly but.. hahaha*

First there's a Blind taste test~
We get to vote for the best flavor.

There's berry flavor and mango flavors, each with two different levels of sweetness for us to choose from.

I chose the berry one that is less sweet.

Next, we choose the packaging that is attractive to us and hopefully attractive to you all too!

Lastly, we are all given boxes of collagen drinks to consume at home to see the results after one month.

Personally, i think this is the most crucial part in the R&D of collagen drink.
haha, no point splurging on collagen drinks when they do not improve your skin condition at all right~

So after one month....

On top of refining and firming up my skin, it also helps to brighten skin tone

younger looking skin here i come~~~~~

We didn't know the brand name of the collagen drink until we received the last follow up email from Nuffnang.

It tastes really sweet.
>.< definitely not the one i've chosen but... majority wins so i think most of the bloggers chose this flavor!

So maybe you might like it too! 

One thing i realized is that, it has higher viscosity than the previous collagen drink i've had.
I later realized from reading the blog brief that it's actually because it contains high dosage of collagen with active whitening properties!

A little more information about New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink:

Other than having high dosage of collagen, it contains Glutathione (anti aging properties) and Maqui Berry extract (highest antioxidant properties according to ORAC).

Price : $69

SG50 discount (April – May) : $34.50 (50% off)

Available at leading supermarket, pharmacies, petrol kiosks and selected departmental store.

For more info, refer to


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