Friday, January 9, 2015

[Japan] Moshi Moshi Nippon festival 2014

Hey guys!

I know it's super super backdated...

but here's my 2014 Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival report~~

well not exactly a report...
cause i didn't take a lot of photos..
was a hectic hectic trip! hehe


yes i've got invited to Japan again~

Super thankful for this trip!
Cause i get to be together with my girl crush EVA!

YEAH~! Got to spend more time with her again.




Also, this time round it's really special as i've got to meet other models from overseas too!
The more the merrier~~!

Like Beckii cruel
She debuted in Japan when she was really young! So brave!

Himezawa, youtube dancer!

 and a huge group of KAWAII KAWAII SUPER KAWAII french dolls!

Group photo!
*look at the iphone camera mode queue* haha

and a taiwanese artist that arrived on the next day,

You know...
initially, i was quite worried if i would be able to get along with them as most of them come in PAIRS or groups from similar countries..
and i only know Eva from the group...
(initially i was allowed to recommend one more person to join me in the trip but...... somehow... somewhat... ya... end up i was the only one)


thankfully they are friendly and so fun to be with!
3 days are too short!!
Wanna spend more time fooling around with them

kinda regretted shortening my trip..
cause my previous trip with them to kyoto was too long... but the work only took up the first few days so i end up shopping and spending too much..

T_T cries..
Nevertheless, i still managed to shop during this trip!
haha My credit card bill still managed give me a shock

well... i'm going back this year!!
this year i would definitely request for a longer trip!


Day 1:

Arrived in Haneda airport early morning!

While waiting for the managers to come and pick me up, i shopped around haneda..

*need to treasure every minute i've got to do shopping haha*

but there's only 7-11 and some drug stores that really sells medication etc only...

so i ended up spending the time doing makeup...

 usually i'm bare faced with mask in airport one.

OOTD of that day!

so.... after the managers arrived, we set off to the office!
briefed on what stage what event what interview i'm going to be in...
then set off to pick up the other models...

and we headed off to rehearsal~

met up with Eva-chan~

I was so shy at first... i didn't dare to strike a conversation with the others so i sticked like a plaster to eva.

but after a while, i find the others really funny and friendly so i picked up my courage and LET'S BE TOMODACHI

anyway, there's many freebies to grab at the event hall.


There's free toothbrush set, free contact lens, free snacks that kyary or the other adobe models endorsed.


Anyway, i've got two set of free 0 degrees daily lens...
Thinking of giving them out cause i can't wear them!

*i didn't take photo of the freebies booth as.... i will look toooooooo cheap hahaha*

After the rehearsal, it was really late...
like 7.30pm...
I'm saying it's late as the shops in Japan normally close at 8pm..
so it's too late for SHOPPING~!

We decided to rush to go shopping still~
we took the taxi down to harajuku and shopped at Nadia, Lilillilly tokyo and bubbles!
Quite an accomplishment since we only had less than half an hour to shop around.

I managed to buy the Lilillliy pumps that i've been eyeing on since i saw them on instagram!
I thought they will go OOS =.= but luckily i saw them in the shop!!
super happy!

after that we headed off for dinner with the asobi staffs~


then after dinner, we headed back to hotel to rest!

DAY 2:
Actual event day

Woke up early in the morning, went for hair and makeup.

headed for a few interviews.

This OOTD shot was taken during the interview with Matcha.

Anyway~~ that's my new shoe from lilillilly! super tall! hahaha

in between interviews , we slacked around in the waiting room.


I love staying in the waiting room though!
Cause i saw many of models from zipper, cutie, choki and many others! MUHAHAHA
Super super kawaii tachi~

I didn't manage to take photos with them.... cause i initially thought i would be able to meet them after the event but..... they left after their stage! they never stay through the finales...


*hold your breathe*

I managed to take a photo with....



He's super super nice!  (and super super pretty!! 为什么有男的会美到这样~~ 我无地自容)
super super friendly... he still accompanied me out when he heard that i'm going to meet my friend in the event hall..

then.... there's many girls crowding around him...
i felt that i'm his manager
they even asked me if they could take photos with him...

at first i thought he would since he joyfully took photo with my friend vernice when she requested..
so i said i'll help them ask but in the end he wasn't allowed to!

he's so nice that he actually took photo with Vernice even though he wasn't allowed to.


Anyways, he's so pretty. 100% never photoshop his photos!

After that, i went off with Vernice hahaha cause i don't wanna reject those young girls anymore
hhahaa jk jk~

After that i went for my stage which is the last few stages!

and finally...

the long day ended~~!
and.. hahaha...

eva and i rushed down to shibuya and harajuku to shop again~

even though it's close to the closing time, we managed to shop at WEGO~
and Village Vanguard (close at 12am) and Donki~


After that we went to join the others in the after party~

I'm not a good photographer i know. hahaha

and that's the end of my Moshi Moshi nippon trip~

DAY 3:

Flying back to Singapore~

and after that, i flew to KOREA~~
but that will be in another delayed  blog post. hahaha


  1. Hahaha omg you're so cuuuute!! Your whole post had me giggling, you're so silly :P (I loled at the cheapo part and not wanting to take pictures, haha! Even cheap people have some shame XD) You an Eva are so cute together! You look like two little kids/childhood friends. And I am so jealous you are touching heads with that guy ToT I envy you *_*

    1. hey!

      hahaha! i think it's easier to talk to eva as we both speak mandarin hahaha

      yes~~ i'm even jealous of myself now hahahaha

  2. Omg, this is like the dream come true of any j-fashion follower! You all look so cute, I'm glad you had fun~~ (and so jealous that you met Yusuke Devil, oh my goodness... OTL) (

    1. IKRRR!! i'm super super lucky to have this opportunity! really thank asobi system so much for granting my wish hahaha

  3. I remember it was long time ago you said you'll go to Japan for this! Finally the post! haha! That must be really awesome to do! To meet all these people and to participate at an event, really lucky you are! You and Eva look really cute together, it look like you are sister!

    1. thank you!! <3

      yes i blogged about this event i think last sep or oct? hahahah. was really lazy to update >.< hehehe

  4. Ho! You met some of my fiends <3 <3
    Nice pictures!!

  5. lovely photos.. Love your outfit, it's super cute.. ^_^

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