Friday, January 23, 2015

Korea Family Trip [Day 1 + Day 2]

My family and I went Korea last winter (late autumn) for vacation~

I was really excited bout this trip as we planned it since last last year (which is when keith and i returned from our first korea trip!)

My sister and I paid for the flights and accommodation for our parents as we thought it would be a great destination for them to visit! especially since my mum is a korean drama fan plus my dad loves nature and good food!

We took an early flight and arrived in Seoul late afternoon..
reached hotel in the evening.....

didn't stop for a rest nor snack...

*throws confetti*

We have been thinking/drooling of this meal since we returned to Singapore

armoured up! and ready to indulge! haha

 seafood pancake for my mum who doesn't eat raw food.

the cushion seats that.... are opted out for. hahaha

after that satisfying dinner, we walked around the place to look for dessert!

but we ended up at Paris baguette instead...

seriously... how can you say NO to such delicious looking bread? 

After that...
we went back to the hotel to have sufficient rest for the next day (.... =.= but still not enough energy haha... don't think we will ever have enough energy for day 02 itinerary)

DAY 02

Started early in the morning..
for a breakfast trip to GWANGJANG market (seriously my fav. place in korea but not because of the food's because of their vintage market! will elaborate in next few posts!)

 you can order everything you want by just pointing at the dishes in front of you!

 my dearest papa and mama :)

 very nice soup with fish sticks, ikan bilis and seaweed..

 le sis and me~

I actually love it hahaha

pig's ear!
easily my fav snack!
don't judge me.. 
it's full of collagen!

clear noodles!
very flavourful!!
koreans have their way of making simple everyday food taste special.

the typical korea food!

after a heavy heavy breakfast....

we headed off to ChangDeokgung palace...

 hahaha even though it's autumn, it's still pretty warm for us

lol i'm trying to shoot the PEEK-A-BOO effect...
apparently, it takes a good photographer and cooperative models to achieve that hahaha

 lol! my sis taking selfie!
wonder if it's on her instagram haha

they've got a super nice cafe inside


still pretty energetic and jolly while wanting for the secret garden tour to start...

what we didn't expect is....

and lotsa uphill, downhill and stairs....

not for the sedentary TAY family and keithy choi haha

but the scenery is really pretty!!

we have one down from exhaustion!

 lol. my dad... still taking photos..

anyway, at first i thought my dad would be the first one to complain about being tired as he has got surgery down last year...

but... hahahaha...


 you will always find the tay family sitting down at the corner while other tourists toured around. haha


walking around picking hazelnuts...

she kept picking hazelnuts!!!
though she didn't eat any of them.

spikey pokey 

PS: have you seen ancient toilet?

 this is the toilet for the servants and maids...


so after 90minutes long walk + hiking + stairs, we are finally near to the exit~!


(PS: I walked the whole day in heels hahaha OMG what was i thinking)

after that we walked to Insadong...

and there's a pretty traditional tea house around the corner.

around insadong, there's many interesting food stalls as well.


gigantic squid stick!

overall, it's a really fun yet tiring day!

and after that day, our itinerary totally changed to SLACK mode


  1. how much did you all spent in this whole trip ??

  2. wow look at that giant squid!! you made me want to eat my monitor :3 nom nom nom


  3. Seems fun to visit s.korea :) yummy food

  4. Those are not hazelnuts, they are chestnuts!

  5. Those are not hazelnuts, they are chestnuts!

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