Sunday, March 15, 2015

[Braces] Updates 2

Hi everyone!

It had been a long time since i've blogged..


so i'm doing a second braces update!!

My bottom and upper teeth are really straight now! 

Was looking back at my first braces post... WAKAO!!
soooo messy! why did i ever think that my teeth was OKAY last time??

So on the 7th month, I started on ELASTICS!

These small rubber bands are as painful as the spacers 

it was sooooooooo sore the first week...

but after that it was okay except for the occasional snapping of the bands when i yawn or sneeze.

it snap like 3-4 times a day! I used up the bag of elastics 3 weeks into elastic treatment hahaha
but thankfully, it's free~ hahaha

sooo... what does the elastic do?

 i went to google/youtube to look for diagrams to illustrate how it moves and all..

As you can see, the bottom and upper row are closer together now~
and it seems like the front row is less protruding 

I'll need to go back and ask Dr Tang if I still need an extraction to correct the overbite.

If not.....
After one more change of wire on my bottom row, i can remove them liao~~
*throws confetti* 

TIPS on choosing colors for ceramic braces:

Choose iliac if you love eating curry or drink tea!
They won't stain!

Even if they do, they become pearl white ---> transparent.

The first few months i choose transparent and they stain so badly!
looks super super super yellow and makes my teeth looks yellow too!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

[Event] Tokyo Star Optical X Ettusias

Hello guys!

Back to update a super super backdated event post hahaha.

Yeah! A new optical shop from Japan is now in town (literally)! hahaha
It's located at Citylink Mall (Underpass at city hall mrt)

I've been invited to attend this event held by Tokyo Star Optical and Ettusias!

During this event, they shared numerous makeup styles to accentuate your spects-day-look!

Sometimes, my eyes are really dry and i've to wear spectacles out.

nerdy? geeky? bland?

Not anymore!!

You just need a nice pair of spectacles and a touch of makeup!


Have you noticed that spectacles follow recent trends as well?

Look at all the round frame spectacles you've got here!


Red round frame!

Half round frame! (I like this one!!)

 And geeky looking black round frame!

 and the side is really special too!

And if you'll like something that is always in fashion (or at least make you look less nerdy when with spectacles)....

go with thick plastic frames!

Am i the only one who always wear specs when there's a pimple on my nose bridge? hahaha

>.< the thicker the frame is, the more pimples it can cover

oh btw, Tokyo Star optical has got very kawaii kids specs!

If my face is small enough, I'll definitely make one. hahaha

Too bad, i've got to stay with adults specs (aka.... face-too-big-for-cute-and-fancy-kids-spec)


Their specs are really really really very light! feather weight!



As for makeup with spectacles on, I prefer light makeup!

However since i'm very yellow-skinned, I will always apply a generous amount of blusher and lip balm/tint!

*TIP: if you don't wanna makeup, choose specs with red frames! They will reflect some red color on your cheeks haha! *

And usually, just eyeliner! (heavier above the iris to make them look bigger even without circle lens)
but if you wanna use or cannot live without falsies, get the new lashes from Dolly Wink! They are curled so beautifully they don't swipe your lens hahaha

See the lovely blushers and lip balm from ettusias!
Btw, go try their frictionless puff...

REALLY AMAZING! can't really describe how it feels on my skin but... it's as addictive as popping  bubble wrap hahaha

go try! try ISH free one~



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